Add Order

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/29 16:20 p.m.

This guide is intended to provide basic instructions on how new orders are added in Rezio Admin and how they can be checked on MySite.

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Log in to Rezio Admin and navigate to Add Order to start adding orders.

orders > add order

add order
adding orders 

To add order in Admin:
1. Go to OrdersAdd Order.
2. Select Product, Sales Option, Departure Date and Session.
3. Click  sign to add quantity or the - sign to minus quantity.
4. Fill in Customer First Name, Customer Last Name, Customer E-mail and Special Requirements from Customer (optional).
5. Click  Create  and the system will automatically switch to Order Detail page.

Order Detail >  Contact Info. 

6. Navigate to Contact Info. in Order Detail.
7. Fill in the contact information and click  Save .

Note: Required fields are marked *.


Order Detail  Booking Info. 

6. Navigate to Booking Info. in Order Detail.
7. Choose an option for Pickup and Guide Service.
8. Fill in participant information (optional) and click  Save .

Note::If participant information is the same as customer contact information, you can click  Copy contact information .

Checking orders on MySite

After orders created in Admin and on MySite or from other channels can be checked on MySite.

To check an order on MySite:
1. Go to MySite and click CHECK ORDER on the homepage.
2. Fill in Rezio Order Number, Contact Email and Contact Last Name.
3. Click  Check Order .

Note: All input fields must be correct in order to check order.

If all fields are input correctly, the order details including contact info and product details will appear on the next page.