Booking Information Settings

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/24 19:07 p.m.

This guide is intended to help you walk through the booking information settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding booking information of 5 category fields (contact, delivery, participant, dietary, flight), customizing your data field input type, filtering, editing and deleting booking information.

3 to 5 Minutes Read


Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Booking Information settings.

Settings > Booking Information

Adding Booking Information

To add a new booking information label:
1. Click + Add to enter add mode. 

2. Enter booking information description in Label.

- You can edit booking information of 5 category fields including contact, delivery, participant, dietary and flight or create your own in the custom fields.
- To expand each field, click the + sign. To hide each field, click the - sign. 

3. Select the data field needed from traveler to Optional or Required. If the data field is not required, select None.

- You can set up different booking information requirements for MySite bookings and Internal orders. If the data field is set to optional or required for MySite bookings, it will appear on MySite for your customers to fill in.
- Required fields are marked *. Your customers must fill in all the required fields to complete booking.

Remark: All data fields are changeable except for Contact Last Name and Email because both are required fields for your customer to check order on MySite.

10. When done setting up booking information, click  Create .

Hint: To delete a custom field label, click the bin icon.

Input Types in Custom Fields

The first photo displays the content shown in Admin and the second photo displays the content shown on MySite for each input type.

Multi-line Text Input

Drop-down list
To add an option in the drop-down list, enter the next option in the next line.


Multi-line (read-only)
The multi-line (read-only) is used to provide information for customers and not required to fill in anything.


Filtering booking information

You can enter keywords in the search bar to filter and find the booking information labels which have been added to the list.

To clear the selected filters, click Clear filters.

Editing booking information

To edit a booking information label:
1. Click on the label you want to edit and enter edit mode to start editing.

2. When you finish editing, click  Save . If you click  Cancel  or did not click  Save , there won’t be changes made to the label.
3. To delete a booking information label, click  Delete .

Remark: Any update on the booking information label will apply to all the products which are linked with it.

Note: If the booking information label is linked with a product, the label cannot be deleted. 

Hint: After a booking information label is created, it will appear simultaneously in the Booking Info section under Product List (navigate to Product > Product List > Booking Info). You can add booking information labels in this section by clicking +Add or edit by clicking Edit beside the label to enter edit mode.