Cancellation Settings

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/28 15:42 p.m.

This guide is intended to help you walk through the cancellation settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding filtering and editing cancellation policy.  

3 to 5 Minutes Read


Log in to Rezio Admin and enter cancellation settings.

Settings > Cancellation

Default labels

There are two built-in cancellation policy labels: Non-refundable and Full refund.  

Adding cancellation policy

1. Click +Add to enter add mode.

2. Enter the cancellation policy description in Label.
3. Select Currency.
4. Fill in the day range before the event date and select the corresponding rule. (For details, please check the example below.)
5. Click  Add

Remark: When setting the date range, all the days must be included.

Example: For a full refund, the cancellation must be made 7 days (including the 7th day) or more in advance of the event date. For cancellation made 3 days (including the 3rd day) to 7 days before the event date will receive a 30% refund and there will be no refund for cancellation made 3 days prior to the event date.

6. The cancellation policy added will appear below the Add button.
7. When finished adding, click  Create .

Note: To remove a cancellation policy, click the bin icon. To adjust the order arrangement of the cancellation policies, click the up and down arrows.

Filtering cancellation policy

You can enter keywords in the search bar to filter or select the currency and find cancellation policy labels that have been added to the list. 

To clear filters, click Clear filters.

Note: When filtering for labels, the built-in labels non-refundable and full refund will always appear in the search results. 

Editing cancellation policy

1. To edit a cancellation policy label, click on the label you want to edit and enter edit mode to start editing.

Remark: The built-in labels non-refundable and full refund cannot be edited.

2. When finished editing, click  Save . If you click  Cancel  or did not click  Save , there won’t be changes made to the label.
3. To delete a booking information label, click  Delete .

Remark: Any changes made to the cancellation policy label will be applied to all the products which are linked with it.

Note: When the cancellation policy label is linked with a product, the label cannot be deleted. 

Hint: After a cancellation policy label is created, it will appear simultaneously in the Cancellation section under Product List (navigate to Product > Product List > Cancellation). You can also edit the label in this section by clicking +Add and edit the label by clicking Edit beside the cancellation policy label to enter edit mode.