Deposit Settings

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/23 12:52 p.m.

This guide is intended to help you walk through deposit settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding filtering and editing deposit policy.  

3 to 5 Minutes Read


Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Deposit settings.

Settings > Deposit

Default labels 

There are two built-in deposit rule labels: No charge, Full amount. The number of products linked to the deposit rule will be displayed in the last column.  

Adding deposit rules

1. Click +Add to enter add mode.

2. Enter the deposit rule name in Label.
3. Select the currency.
4. Select the rule to be set by % of order total amount, fixed amount per person or fixed amount per order.
5. Enter the percentage or amount according to your choice in the last step.
6. Select the payment setting. (optional)
7. Click  Create .

Note: When the deposit rule is set to % of order total amount, the input box for percentage will appear. When the deposit rule is set to fixed amount per person or per order, the input box for amount will appear. 

Note: If Add minimum notice date in payment setting for deposit rule is selected, the input box for entering the number of days for full charge deposit will appear. 

Filtering deposit rules 

You can enter keywords in the search bar to filter or select the currency and find deposit rules that have been added to the list.

To clear filters, click Clear filters.

Note: When filtering for deposit rules, the built-in labels no charge and full amount will always appear in the search results.

Editing deposit rules 

1. To edit a deposit rule, click on the rule you want to edit and enter edit mode.

Remark: The built-in labels no charge and full amount cannot be edited. 

2. When you finish editing, click  Save . If you click  Cancel  or did not click  Save , there won’t be changes made to the pickup route.
3. To delete a deposit rule, click  Delete .

Remark: Any changes made to the deposit rule will be applied to all the products which are linked with it. 

Note: When the deposit rule is linked with a product, it cannot be deleted.

Hint: After a deposit rule is created, it will appear simultaneously in the Deposit section under Product List (navigate to Product > Product List > Deposit). You can add deposit rule in this section by clicking +Add or edit by clicking Edit beside the deposit rule label to enter edit mode.