Order Calendar

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/26 14:30 a.m.

This guide is intended to provide a quick view at order calendar in Rezio Admin which covers navigating the calendar, filtering and adding orders in the order calendar.

2 to 4 Minutes Read


Orders > Order Calendar

Login to Rezio Admin and to start navigating in the order calendar. 

Navigating the order calendar 

All the orders of each product that have been placed will appear on the order calendar. 

- You can view the sales calendar by weekly or daily and navigate by clicking > to the next week / the next day or clicking > to the previous week / the day before.
- According to the departure date, the order will appear in the corresponding block on the calendar with the contact name & pax of the order.

The booked session, contact name, and quantity per order are shown in the daily view. 

If the product duration is over a day, the event bar length will cover more than a day depending on the duration.

When clicking on an order, the page will enter to order details. 

For more details on order management, please go to Admin Order | Order Management.

Filtering orders in the calendar

1. Click Filter and wait for the filter pop-up window to appear.

2. Select Order Status.
3. Select Order Source.
4. Select the product or type in the search bar to find the product.
5. Click Apply or click X to leave the filter window.
6. Click Clear to remove the filter selection.

Adding orders in the calendar

Click +Add to add order. For more details on adding orders, please go to Admin Order | Add Order.