Pickup Settings

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/22 14:31 p.m.

This guide is intended to help you walk through the pickup setup for sales options in Rezio Admin which covers adding, filtering and editing pickup routes.

3 to 5 Minutes Read


Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Pickup settings.

Settings > Pickup

Adding Pickup routes

To add a new pickup label:
1. Click + Add to enter add mode. 

2. Select Fixed pickup route or Allow customer to input pickup request in Type.

Fixed pickup route
①Enter pickup route name in Label.
②Select pickup time before or after the session starts. The selected option is in blue highlight.

- Before: session start time - pickup duration = customer boarding time
- After: session start time + pickup duration = customer boarding time
- Duration: The time required to arrive at the pickup location. 

③Select the Reference Time. The reference time is for preview only and won’t affect the pickup settings. (optional)
④Enter pickup Location, Duration, and Address.
⑤Enter Note, Latitude, and Longitude. (optional)
⑥When finished editing, click  Add .

Note: The pickup route added will be shown under the Add button. The order of pickup routes is adjustable by clicking the up and down arrows and removable by clicking the bin icon.

Example: If the pickup route linked with a product is set as follows, the pickup time is set to after the session start time 8:00 and the duration of the first pickup location is 30 minutes and the duration of the second pickup location is 50 minutes, it means after the session starts at 8:00, the pickup time at the first location will be at 8:30 and the second location will be at 8:50.

Allow customer to input pickup request
1. Enter pickup route name in Label.
2. Enter pickup area, vehicle and note. (optional)
3. After finished editing, click  Create .

Filtering pickup routes

You can enter keywords in the search bar to filter or select the type and find pickup routes that have been added to the list.

Editing Pickup routes

To edit a resource label:
1. Click on the pickup route you want to edit and enter edit mode. 

2. When you finish editing, click  Save . If you click  Cancel  or did not click  Save , there won’t be changes made to the pickup route.
3. To delete a pickup route, click  Delete .

Remark: Any changes made to the pickup route will be applied to all the products which are linked with it. 

Note: When the pickup route is linked with a product, it cannot be deleted.

Hint: After the pickup route is created, it will appear simultaneously in the Pickup section under Product List (navigate to Product > Product List > Pickup). You can add pickup routes in this section by clicking +Add or edit by clicking Edit beside the pickup label to enter edit mode. 


If you wish to provide a multilingual interface for a foreign audience, you can also translate your product information shown on MySite into different languages in Rezio Admin.

1. Go to Settings > Translation.
2. Click on Pickup to enter translation mode. 

3. Click the + sign and select the language you want to translate into, click  Confirm .

4. After confirming, you can start translating in the corresponding text box.
5. When you have finished translating, click  Save .