Pricing Policy Settings

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/24 15:39 p.m.

This guide is intended to help you walk through the pricing policy settings in Rezio Admin which includes adding, filtering, editing and deleting pricing policy.

3 to 5 Minutes Read


Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Pricing Policy to set up pricing policies.

Settings > pricing policy

Adding pricing policy

To add a new pricing policy:
1. Click + Add to enter add mode. 
2. Enter policy name in Label and select Currency.  

3. Select Rule to be sold by Item or by Person

A. If the rule is set to be sold by person
 ① Select the Identity you wish to add as listed below according to product condition:
 。Group (Charged by Person)
 。Group (Fixed Price)
② Set minimum or maximum Age, number of Seats used and Price. ③ Click Add and the new rule will be shown at the bottom.

B. If the rule is set to be sold by item 
① Enter Item Label and Price. 
② Click  Add  and the new rule will be shown at the bottom.

4. When finished adding identity or item labels, click  Create .

Hint: To delete an identity or item label, click the bin icon. To arrange the order of identity or item labels, click the up and down arrows. 

- When setting a new identity rule, you can only add one rule per identity.
- When an order is confirmed, the product inventory will be deducted according to the number of seats used set for each identity.

Filtering pricing policy

The pricing policy can be filtered by entering a keyword in the search bar, checked by currency and searched by selecting the label type.

To clear the selected filters, click Clear filters.

Editing pricing policy

1. Click the pricing policy you would like to edit and enter edit mode.
2. When finished editing, click  Save   or click   Cancel   if you don’t want to make any changes. 

 3. To delete a pricing policy, click  Delete .

Remark: Any update made to the pricing policy will be applied to all products linked with the pricing policy.

Note: When the pricing policy is bound to a sales option, it cannot be deleted. 

Hint: After a pricing policy label is created, it will appear simultaneously in the Add Pricing section under Product List (navigate to Product > Product List > Add Pricing > Select pricing policy). You can add pricing policy labels in this section by clicking +Add or edit by clicking Edit beside the label to enter edit mode.