Pricing Settings

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/20 11:15 a.m.

This guide is intended to help you walk through the pricing settings for sales options in Rezio Admin which covers adding, filtering, editing new pricing and setup pricing policy.  

5 to 7 Minutes Read


Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Pricing Setting to start the pricing setup.

Publish > Pricing Setting 

Adding pricing policy to sales option

1. Click + Add to enter add mode.

2. Click on the drop-down list to find the product. You can type keywords to filter or navigate to search for the product. 
3. Setup the advertising price. (optional) 
4. Select the sales option you would like to add pricing. 
5. Select the pricing policy. If there is no suitable pricing policy, click +Add to add. 
6. Click  Create .

Remark: If you set the Advertising Price, it will be shown on the product card of MySite and will be served as the lowest price for Google crawler. If you leave it blank, Rezio will calculate from all unit prices in the associated pricing policies and set the lowest price as the advertising price. However, the customized price of a single session will not trigger the calculation of the Advertising Price. 

Note: For more details on adding pricing policy, please go to Admin Settings | Pricing Policy. 

Setup pricing policy 

The pricing policy set for “weekday departure” and “weekend departure” will be shown in the following as example. The steps for “weekday departure” pricing policy are shown first, followed by the steps for “weekend departure” pricing policy.

1. Select “weekday departure” pricing policy then continue to Bind Sales Option to Pricing Policy.

2. Select Weekly as Binding Type and click Sat and Sun to disable weekends.
3. Click All day and then click  Add  to bind.

Note: When the binding type is chosen as Weekly, all the days of the week is selected and the time period is set to 8am-5pm as default. You can adjust the time period according to when you wish for the sales option to be on sale.

4. Go back to the Select pricing policy section and select “weekend departure” pricing policy.
5. Click Sat and Sun to enable weekends and click Mon to Fri to disable weekdays.
6. Click  Add  and the pricing policy bound to a sales option will be shown in the Bound pricing policy section.

7. When the pricing policies are all set, click  Next

Remark: If there are multiple sales options, clicking  Next  will go to the next sales option. Please finish pricing policy settings for all sales options before moving to the next section. 

Filtering pricing policy 

The pricing policy can be filtered by entering a keyword in the search bar. To clear the selected filters, click Clear filters.  

Editing pricing policy 

1. Click the sales option label you would like to edit and enter edit mode.

2. When finished editing, click  Save . If you click  Cancel  or did not click  Save , there won’t be changes made to the label.