This guide will explain how to create add-on items in Rezio Admin, so that you can add it to your product for customers to buy when they make a booking.


Settings > Add-on Items

Log in to Rezio Admin to edit the store's add-on items.

  • Create add-on items

  1. Click +Add

  1. Fill in the name of the item.

  1. Choose currency

  1. Fill in the price

  1. Choose pricing type

  1. Enter the description of this item (optional).

  1. Add photos (optional)

  1. Finally click Create


Note: After the creation is completed, you can directly click on the add-on items you added in the product detail page.

  • Search and modify

You can enter a keyword or drop down to select currency, then filter, you can quickly find additional purchase items.

  1. Click on the product name to edit

  1. If the add-on item is already bound to a product, it cannot be deleted. You can click View Binding Products above to see the details.

  1. After editing, click Save (Cancel will not access this edit)


Reminder: Any modification will affect the itinerary of all bound products.