28th April 2021

V0.9.91 Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • Ticket’s “Expiration Mode”extended.
    • For products under the “Ticket” category, the “Expiration Mode” is now available for all Ticket Validity Types.
    • With the “Expiration Mode”, the users can select whether the tickets can still be redeemed after the session ends or not.
  • Report - Sales Reportextended.
    • New order filters available for Sales Report: Cancellation Request Date, Cancelling Date, and Sales Options.
    • When the Sales Option is filtered, the new “Sales Option Report (CSV)” is now available for export.
  • The result page of MySite “Check Order” now displays the “Voucher Status”, so that the customers can view if the vouchers are available for scanning.
  • In General - MySite Payment Settings, the users can now select the payment due date for NewebPay Convenience Store Pay Code.
  • Optimized online payment refunds.
    • “Refund by Shopping Cart” is now available, and the users can “Select All” to refund all order payments in the same shopping cart.
    • Multiple refund requests can now be submitted on the same day.
    • New Order Process Tag available: Refund Failed.
  • And multiple items optimized.

15th April 2021

V0.9.90 Beta Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • Tickets can now specify time for “Redemption Before Session”.
    • Products under the “Ticket” category can now select whether the sales option accepts voucher redemptions before the session starts.
    • If “Redemptions are allowed before session starts”, the users can also specify a time.
  • In General - MySite Payment Settings, the users can now select the payment due date for NewebPay ATM Transfer.
  • Orders from KKday now display the payment currency and its amount in Order Details.
  • Optimized e-invoices.
    • New “Representative” can be set for e-invoices.
    • The last four digits of credit card number and order number are now displayed in the remarks of e-invoices.
    • Reminding email will be sent when the e-invoice number has run out.
  • If the invoice issuance fails, the system automatically adds an order process tag “Issue Invoice Failed”, and push notifications will be sent.
  • And multiple items optimized.

26th March 2021

V0.9.89 Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • “Resource Calendar” in "Publish" is released.
    • Resource Calendar shows the available resources of each day.
    • New “Low availability display settings” added into Resource. When the remaining available resource is low, the calendar will be displayed in orange.
    • In every single resource session, the users can check the resource details, edit resource availability, view related orders, and view the related sales options.
  • New Booking Cut-off Time can be calculated by session end time.
    • In “Edit Product - Publish Settings”, the new option for Booking Cut-off Time, “By session end time”, is now available.
  • New type of Custom Field option in Booking Information now available: Text display (Markdown).
  • And multiple items optimized.

23rd March 2021

V0.9.88 Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • New E-Invoice function module is online.
    • In “Settings - General”, you can now find the new “Invoice Settings” tab for you to enable invoice functions.
    • Issue e-invoices manually or automatically by the system after connecting your invoice account.
    • Customers can fill in the related booking info fields for the e-invoices when they place orders from MySite.
    • In “Order Details”, the users can find the new “Invoice” tab, which displays the issued invoices. Here, the users can also issue or invalidate the invoices manually.
    • All invoice records are included in “Order Details - Recent Actions”.
    • Invoice number and status are now also included in Sales Report and Payment Record csv.
  • Optimized Channel Manager.
    • Products with the new Availability Types “Set availability by sales option” and “Unlimited” can now be supplied to or connected with products on Channel - KKday.
    • Products with these two new Availability Types can also “Sync Availability to Channel”.
  • And multiple items optimized.

11th March 2021

V0.9.87 Beta Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • Voucher Language can now be specified.
    • At the “Voucher Settings” in “Edit Product - Publish Settings”, the users can now specify a Voucher Language for either Rezio Voucher or the Custom Voucher. This ensures the voucher information can be easily identified during onsite check-in and redeem.
  • Language menu added in Rezio web vouchers.
  • In “Report - Sales Report” and “Report - Traveler’s Information”, the users can now filter the orders by “Order Process Tags”.
  • Partners with RISE subscription plans can now manage and sort their products on MySite in “Channel - MySite”.
  • And multiple items optimized.

25th February 2021

V0.9.86 Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • Sales Option Settings Upgrade.
    • Two settings in Sales Options are newly available for selection: Availability Type, and Expiration Mode.
    • Availability Type: Select whether a sales option has unlimited availability, or a limited amount by sales option or by session.
    • Expiration Mode: For products whose category is "Ticket", the users can select whether the order voucher of a sales option can be redeemed after the session time or not.
  • For orders generating vouchers “by order identity/item quantity”, the corresponding identity/item of each voucher are displayed in the web/printed voucher and "Order Details-Voucher".
  • In “Edit Product - Publish Setting”, a new voucher code option for Rezio Voucher and Custom voucher is available: API Barcode.
  • Multiple components in Custom Voucher Template are newly available.
  • Rezio App and multiple other items optimized.

5th February 2021

V0.9.85 Beta Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • For orders generating vouchers by identity or item amount, users can now view the corresponding Identity or Item, and the corresponding price for each voucher code in the exported Redeem Records csv files.
  • Rezio App and multiple other items optimized.

Kiosk API launched

  • New order sources available: Kiosk and POS.
  • Redeem order vouchers through e-gates onsite.

21st January 2021

V0.9.84 Beta Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • In the Sales Calendar, the sessions with Resource settings now show the available and occupied resource amount.
  • Rezio App and multiple other items optimized.

7th January 2021

V0.9.83 Beta Release

Services updated on Rezio ADMIN and MySite

  • Rezio Voucher is upgraded.
    • Products using “Rezio Voucher” can now generate web vouchers. And the web vouchers are available for orders placed from MySite, channel, and the internal orders.
    • Click “Print” in the web vouchers can view the PDF voucher file.
  • In Sell Online - MySite, the switch for Shopping Cart on MySite is now available.
  • The new “Availability Display Settings” in Sell Online - Theme Design is now available for users to select whether to display the remaining availability under every session time.
  • Redeem - My Redeem Records now displays “Quantity”.
  • Improved Order List performance and optimized search interface.
  • Optimized app redeem process with pre-selecting the scanned code and the “Select All” for voucher redemptions.
  • Rezio App and multiple other items optimized.