Translation Settings

Wen Peng    Updated on 2019/11/16 09:54 a.m.

This guide is intended to help you walk through the translation settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding translation to your products for your customers to view on MySite providing a multilingual interface for a foreign market.  

3 to 5 Minutes Read


Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Translation to start translating your product details.

Settings > Translation

Filter function 

You can enter keywords in the search bar to filter or select the type and find the products that have been added to the list. To clear filters, click Clear filters.  

The language chosen when adding the product will be shown as the Original Language in the Translation section.

Remark: If you select Japanese as the language when adding the product but used English to setup the product, the original language will be shown as Japanese and you will not be able to choose Japanese as your translated language. The system language and the language you used to create the product will also not be consistent when your customer view on MySite. Please make sure to set up the product according to the language chosen.

If the original language is not specified, you can add the translated languages according to your preferences. The items with a * sign are system built-in contents.  

Editing function 

1. Click on the product you wish to add translation to enter translation mode.

Note: All the products with complete settings will automatically appear in the translation section.

2. Click the + sign and select the language you want to translate into, click  Confirm . You can click  Remove All  to remove all languages or  Select All  to add all languages. 

3. After confirming, you can start translating in the corresponding text box. If you would like to remove translation, click on the language with x sign.
4. When you have finished translating, click  Save . If you don’t want any changes made, click  Cancel .

Remark: Only the system built-in content will change according to the language your customer selects. If you use English for product setup and did not translate your content in the translation section when your customers enter your MySite, they will only see the product information in English no matter which language they choose to view as shown in the below photo.

Hint: It is recommended to complete all translations of the product details to provide clear information for your customers.