5th January 2022

V1.0.4 Release

Services updated on Rezio Admin and MySite

  • Multiple items fixed and optimized for Admin and MySite.

29th December 2021

V1.0.3 Release

Services updated on Rezio Admin and MySite

  • New “Facebook Ad Verification Code” field available in “Sell Online - MySite”.
  • Access to order details from the redeem page on rezio APP.
  • Add new field on Neweb application form.
  • Multiple items optimized for Admin.

22th December 2021

V1.0.2 Release

Services updated on Rezio Admin and MySite

  • New Swipe to Redeemfunction available for Rezio web vouchers.
    • In “Edit Product - Publish Settings” page and under the option “Rezio Voucher” with “Rezio QR Code”, the new “Customer Self-Redemption” allows you to select whether to let your customers can redeem QR Codes by themselves or not.
    • In “Sell Online -Vouchers”, the new button “Customer Self-Redemption”displays the controls of the customer self-redemption.
    • The customers can redeem vouchers by themselves on Rezio web vouchers.
  • New access to Resource Calendar on Rezio App and web/mobile web interface optimized.
  • Multiple items optimized for Admin.

15th December 2021

V1.0.1 Release

Services updated on Rezio Admin and MySite

  • MySite/Widget "Additional Request" field can be switched on and off by the Admin Sell Online - MySite.
  • Payment - Stripe Connect account application form can be edited again when the application process is suspended.
  • New social media platforms, including KaKaoTalk, LinkedIn, Telegram, and more, are available in "General Settings - Basic". The platforms with a url filled in will be displayed on MySite footer.
  • Importing products from Channel - KKday is optimized to enable more country and location options.
  • Notes for Pickup locations are now displayed in the MySite booking process.
  • And multiple items optimized.

1st December 2021

V1.0.0 Release

Services updated on Rezio Admin and MySite

  • New channel available: Activity Japan.
  • Activity Japan is now available in Rezio Channel Manager. Users can view channel information.
  • Adding the product and completing the link, you can synchronize the order information to rezio for management.
  • A new payment service “Stripe” for Malaysia has been launched in MySite.
  • Ticket price-setting “By Item” is newly available for products under the “Ticket (No sessions)” category.
  • At “Edit Product - Ticket Sales Settings”, you can now select the new pricing rule “By Item”.
  • Add new pricing rules with customized Item Labels.
  • Add the designated language function to the reservation button (Widget).
  • Integration adjustment of Farglory Ocean Park.
  • Automatic sending notification of subscription plan is about to expire.
  • At “General - MySite Payment Settings”, the users can now edit the descriptions of Cash Payment and Bank Transfer fields with Markdown text styles.
  • And multiple items optimized.