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This guide is intended to explain how to create coupon code, set usage number, set coupon code availability, limit the coupon code to certain products, and view the coupon information in the Order Details through rezio Admin.


Coupon Code > Coupon Code

Log in to rezio Admin to start your coupon code setup.


  • Add Coupon Code

  1. Click +Add to create a coupon code. 

  1. Fill in the Coupon Name.

  2. Fill in the Coupon Code. 

Note: The coupon code cannot be changed after the discount code has been applied to an order. 

  1. Fill in the Coupon Code Discount. You can choose to Discount By Percentage or by a Fixed amount.

Note: The discount amount cannot be changed after the discount code has been applied to an order. 

  1. Select the Valid Time - Start Date. 

  2. Select the Valid Time - End Date. You can choose None or specify an End Date. 

  3. Select the Minimum Spending Requirement, you can choose Unlimited or Minimum Amount Required.

  4. Select the Coupon Code Availability - Usage limit per user (By email or by mobile number), you can choose Unlimited or Only once per user.

  5. Select Total Availability, you can choose Unlimited or specify a Total Availability number.

  6. Select Apply to to decide which products are eligible for this coupon code. You can choose All products in the store, By Category or By Product and Sales Option. 

  7. You can use Notes for your internal use and remarks.

  8. Click Save. 



  • Total Availability

When a coupon code has been applied to an order, the availability of the coupon code will be deducted by one once the order is made. However, if the customer fails to pay successfully changing the order status to Expired (automatically an invalid order), or the order is canceled changing the order status to Canceled (not Canceling), then the availability that was applied to that order will be added back to the Total Availability. 

  • When a customer makes a booking, the system will check the customer’s Email or Mobile Number on the booking. If your coupon code is set to Only once per user, customers that used the same email or mobile number will not be able to use the coupon code. 

  • Total Availability is calculated based on successful orders that used the coupon code. Expired and Canceled orders do not affect the availability. If you set it to 100, it means that only 100 orders can use this coupon code.

  • Apply To

  • If you want to apply your coupon code only to certain products, please select By Category or By Product.

  • All products in the store: Coupon code applies to all products in the store. 

  • By Category: Coupon code only applies to some categories. 

  • By Product: Coupon code only applies to some products or that products’ sales option. 

    • All Sales Option in that product: coupon code applies to products that have a tick in the box beside the product name.

Note: All sales options in that product can use the coupon code. If there is any new sales option in this product, it can also use the coupon code. 

  • Specific Sales Option: Click Select Sales Option then tick the box beside the sales option name. 



  • Filter Coupon Code List

You can use Fully Used, Keyword, Apply to, Status and Coupon Start and End Date to filter your existing coupon codes.


  1. Number of Coupon Code in Your Subscription Plan: Displays the number of coupon codes that can be activated at the same time. 

  2. On/Off: The coupon code can only be applied by customers when it is switched on. 

  3. Coupon Name: Click the coupon name to start editing. 

  4. Code: Click the Copy button to copy your coupon code. 

  5. Apply to: Displays the coupon code’s application type. 

  6. Info: Displays the coupon code’s setup information.

  7. Discount Period: Displays the coupon code’s status and discount time period.

Coupon Code Status:
- Not Started: 
the coupon code’s effective period has not started yet.
- In Use: 
the coupon code can be used now and the effective period has not ended yet. 
- Ended:
 the coupon code’s effective period has ended and cannot be used. 

  1. Used / Available: Displays the number of times the coupon code has been used and the remaining availability of the coupon code. 

Note: Canceled orders that used coupon code will not deduct the total availability of the coupon code. 

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