KKdayMKP | How to change the pricing of my product?

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Watch the guiding video or guidelines below to learn how to change the pricing of your product. 

Don't forget to sync product info to KKday Marketplace Channel as the last step.

  • Edit Pricing Label & Re-link Pricing Policy

  • Update Sales Calendar (Session Settings)

  • Sync Product Info to KKday Marketplace Channel

Edit Pricing Label & Re-link Pricing Policy

Step 1: Product Edit Page > Add Pricing > Select the Sales Option you want to change the pricing. 

  • Example:  Sales Option - Yehliu, Jiufen & Pingxi Day Tour from Taipei | Solo traveler

Step 2: Find the corresponding pricing label and click "Edit" on the right 

  • Example: Pricing Label - Yehliu, Jiufen & Pingxi Day Tour | Solo Traveler

Step 3: Delete the old price, enter the new price, press the "Add" button, and then Save

Step 4: The pop-up window will display which sales options the pricing label is linked to. Please click on the individual sales option to re-link.

Step 5Select the price label you just edited, scroll down to "Step 2. Select Time Type for the Pricing Policy", and then click the "Add" button.

⚠️ Note: If your price is the same every day, please maintain the default settings (Weekly Mon to Sun and All Day)

Step 6: After clicking Add, your new price policy will be displayed in the "Linked Pricing Policies" below. Please delete the old price policy and click "Save" to complete the linking.

Update Sales Calendar (Session Settings)

After clicking Save, the system will pop up to remind you to update the Sales Calendar.

Step 1: Please click "Edit Session Settings" to batch update the existing Sales Calendar.

Step 2: Once you enter the Sales Calendar Editing Page, please double check whether the linked new price is correct. If there is no problem, click "Save"

*Tips: If you want to adjust the Sales Option's Availability (inventory), Selling Date Range, Time Slot, and Recurring Dates (Monday to Sunday) at the same time, you can modify them together on this page and then click Save.

Step 3: Click "All Sessions from YYYY-MM-DD" to batch edit all Sales Calendar fields starting tomorrow.

Step 4: The system will pop up the Preview of Session Settings. Please click Save after confirming that there is no problem.

*If you turn off specific Recurring Date (E.g. no selling on Mondays), the preview will be displayed in light orange color.

The Sales Calendar update is completed. You can see that the Sales Calendar shows the latest prices. (Example: Updated on May 9th, the price changed after May 10th)

Sync Product Info to KKday Marketplace Channel

After completing the above settings, please go to "Channel" to sync your product info to KKday Marketplace channel.

View the product info sync guide here

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