This guide will provide step-by-step explanations on how to export traveler’s information from rezio Admin with instructions on how to filter and export data.




Report > Traveler’s Information

Log in to rezio Admin and go to Traveler’s Information to begin exporting.


  • Filter and export functions

The traveler’s information can be filtered by the order numberrange of booking date and departure dateproductcustomer nameorder status, and source

All the filter functions will be shown in the following steps. You can choose which to use according to your needs. 

  1. Filter out the order data you need. 
  2. After setting the filter conditions, the filter results will automatically display below.
  3. You may click X to clear any of the filter conditions, or click Clear to clear all conditions. 

  • Export passenger information

After filtering out the order information you need, click Export CSV at the top right to export complete traveler information.