This guide is intended to help you through the distribution site and order management.


Please note that the Distribution function is only enabled in the RISE and SUPER plans.

Distribution > Distributors

Log in to rezio Admin to manage the distributors

  • Adding New Distributors

  1. Click + Invite New Distributor 

  1. Enter the distributor’s email address

  2. Write a message to the distributor (optional)

  3. Click Invite 

  • The distributor will then receive an email with your invitation

The link for distributors to enter: https://agent.rezio.io

Distributors’ manual: https://help.rezio.io/en/support/solutions/articles/67000581267-distributors-how-to-buy-products

All of the distributors will be listed after they have been invited to the store.


  • Edit Account

  1. Click Edit Account to start editing 

  1. Account info can only be revised by distributors

  2. You can leave notes on the distributor under Settings 

  1. Select the Currency

  2. Enter the Default Discount Rate

  3. Choose between Maximum Transaction Amount within 30 Days or Unlimited

  4. Choose the Payment Method

  5. Click Save

  6. Click Disable to disable an account 


  • Product Management

  1. Click Manage Product 

  1. Click Add Product 

  1. Select the products to supply to the the distributors 

  1. Click Confirm

  2. Fill out the information for each distributor 

  1. For Pricing Type for distributors, choose between Fixed Price and % off the Price 

  1. Enter the Distributor Discount Rate, and the Distributor Price will be revised automatically. If Fixed Price is selected, the distributor price set below will be displayed

  2. Click Save 


  1. Click Start Supplying to start supplying products to distributors 

(Please note that after supplying the products to distributors, you may not delete the products from the list.) 


  • Exporting Sales Reports

  1. Select the distributor, then click Edit Account 

  1. Select the Sales Report 

  2. Click Export Report