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This guide will explain how to manage the products in each channel and help you through managing your products and setting the prices.


Channel Manager > Channel

Log in rezio Admin and click Channel under Channel Manager.

  • Channel List

Here you’ll see all the OTA connection statuses. In Channel Info, you will see all information of each channel.

Currently, we are able to connect with:

  • MySite: This is the default channel from rezio. After deciding and activating your MySite URL in the Sell Online > MySite, customers can purchase your products through your booking page or Booking Button.

  • KKday: KKday is the largest travel platform in Asia. After connecting your channel to rezio, you can manage all your products, bookings, and inventory only through rezio. For details, please refer to Channel Management | KKday: Connect Channel.

  • KKday Marketplace: KKday Marketplace is a booking platform where KKday gathers high-quality suppliers that wish to manage their own bookings. Here you can upload your own products from your end. Similar to KKday, you can also manage your products the same way as KKday.

  • Activity Japan: only for those who have business entities in Japan.

  • Viator: Viator is a world-renowned travel platform. After connecting your channel to rezio, you can connect the products you have listed on Viator to the rezio admin, collect bookings and synchronize inventory. For details, please refer to Channel Viator  - Connect and Manage.

  • GetYourGuide: GetYourGuide is a well-known travel platform in Europe. After connecting your channel to rezio, you can connect the products listed on GetYourGuide to rezio, collect bookings and synchronize inventory. For details, please refer to Channel Manager | GetYourGuide: Manage Channel and Products.

  • Default Channel: MySite

After creating your products, you can publish them on MySite channel. Go to Channel Manager > Channel > Product Info to view and adjust the sequence or off-shelves products on this setting. 

  1. To adjust the sequence of your products displayed on MySite, click Edit.

  2. Connection Status

  • Awaiting Setup: The itinerary has not finished settings and cannot be on-shelf.

  • Synced: The itinerary has finished setting and is on-shelf. The itinerary will be displayed on MySite. The itinerary can be off-shelf manually or scheduled automatically. 

  • Edit: Clicking the blue switch to grey will off-shelf the itinerary and change it to Edit status. To on-shelf the itinerary, click the switch back to blue.

  • Cannot Publish: If some settings of the itinerary do not comply with the channel specifications (for example: no payment method has been selected), the itinerary cannot be on-shelf.  Kindly follow the reason for failure in red on the page. 

  1. Click Edit Product to modify the settings of the itinerary.

  2. Click Status Settings to modify the status of each Sales Option on-shelf or off-shelf. You can also schedule for the automatic on-shelf or off-shelf.

  3. Google TTD settings: If Google Things To Do is enabled, click this button to enter the settings. For detailed instructions, see Channel Management | Connect to Google Things to Do

Note: Clients can click on the product page to view the content of the itinerary, whether it is within the sale period or the stock is sold out. However, if you don’t wish for sold out products to appear on Mysite, then you can switch it off.

  • How to Use Status Settings

Click Status Settings to adjust the status of each Sales Option on MySite. You can also schedule a time for the sales option to be on-shelf or off-shelf. 

Note: The connection status of the itinerary must be Synced.

  1. Status Settings of all Sales Option: can be adjusted freely

  • Status On: This Sales Option is displayed on MySite

  • Status Off: This Sales Option is hidden on MySite. When all Sales Option are Off, this itinerary will be hidden on MySite.

  1. You can also schedule on-shelf or off-shelf time for each Sales Option. 

  • Click +Add, select the Schedule Type and the Time. Then, click Next.

Note: The schedule time will be based on the Product’s time zone. 

  • Select the Sales Option you want to schedule, then click Add.

  1. After the scheduling has been added, it will appear in the Schedule List and can be edited or deleted before the scheduled time.

  2. Whether it is manual on-shelf off-shelf or scheduled on-shelf off-shelf, after confirming the settings are correct, remember to click Save.

  • On-Shelf & Off-Shelf Status vs Sales Status

When you on-shelf an itinerary to MySite, it means that customers can go to the Product Page to view the content. But the customers can only purchase it during the sales period and the product page to view the content, but they can only purchase the itinerary if it is on-sale and still has inventory available to be booked. 

  • When the channel Connection Status is Synced and at least one package is on-shelf, the itinerary will be displayed on MySite. If the itinerary is not on sale or has no inventory left, the itinerary will be displayed as Sold Out.

  • When you enter the Product page, only the on-shelf Sales Option will be displayed in the Enter the product page, only the packages that are "on the shelves" will be displayed when purchasing. For example, only one of the two Sales Option for this itinerary are on-shelves.

There are only one Sales Option displayed in the Product Page:

However, since the sale period of this package has ended, customers cannot purchase it, but can only view the content. 

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