How to Set Google Analytics

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This guide will provide explanations on how to set Google Analytics (GA) and use it in rezio Admin.

  • If you have never added Google Analytics to your MySite, please refer to 1) 

  • If your MySite already has Google Analytics and you want to replace it with the new version of GA4, please refer to both 1) and 2) 

1) Adding GA to rezio MySite

  1. Log in to GA homepage, then click Admin in the lower left corner


  1. In Admin, click Data Streams 


  1. In Data Stream, click Web (picture below ❶) and select your rezio MySite (picture below ❷)


  1. The Web Stream Details of your rezio MySite will appear. On this page, you will find a Measurement ID starting with G-, click the copy button next to ID. 


  1. Log in to rezio MySite back-end, Click Sell Online > MySite in the sidebar on the left 


  1. From MySite, scroll to the bottom, go to MySite Tracking and find Google Analytics ID. Paste the copied ID (picture below ❶) then click Save when you are finished. (picture below ❷) 


2) Switching from an old version of GA to GA4 

a. Log in to the GA homepage, then click Admin in the lower left corner



  1. After confirming your Account Name and Property Name (picture below ❶ and ❷; if you only have one GA account, the system will pre-select this account), click the GA4 Setup Assistant in the Resource column (picture below ❸) 


  1. If you have never set up the new version of GA4 for your account, Disconnected will be displayed at the top of the Setup Assistant page (picture below ❶). Click Get Started (picture below ❷)


  1. Click Create Property



  1. Once this process is complete, you will see Connected (picture below ❶), which means the setting is completed

Then, click See your GA4 Property. (picture below ❷)



  1. After returning to the GA4 Property homepage, it is normal for the above to display “Data from the website has not been received”. It may take up to 30 minutes for the data to appear in the new GA4 property. 

For more details, please refer to Google Analytics Official Guide.

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