This guide will show you how to integrate with Google Things to Do through rezio in the Channel - My Booking Site - Google TTD. After the itinerary is published and reviewed by Google, it can be displayed in the search results of Things to Do.



Introduction to Google Things to Do 

  • What is Google Things to Do

Google Things to Do (also called Google TTD) is a service provided by Google for travel information. Suppliers integrated with Google can display their own products (including attraction tickets, tour itineraries and activities) to travelers through Google search.

With the integration of rezio and Google TTD, when a traveler searches for an attraction on Google, your products can appear in the information block of that attraction. For example, when a user searches for an attraction on a computer or mobile phone, and clicks the "Tickets" tab under the attraction, the link and price of the attraction ticket will be listed. When the user clicks the link in the list, according to the settings you have made, the customer can be directed to "MySite" or the booking screen of the Widget to complete the online booking, saving the trouble of searching.

Note: For more information, please refer to Google Official Guide.

Channel Manager > Channel > MySite 

  • Channel List

In the Channel Manager, you can see the connection status of your store and each channel. Click Mysite - Channel Info to view the Google TTD setting page.

  • Channel Info > Setting Google Things To Do (TTD)

In this setting, you can:

  1. Publish MySite as official website: If you select Yes, the itinerary published to Google TTD can be marked as the official website in the future, so that the itinerary will be ranked higher on the Google search page than the non-official website.

    • If you are the owner or operators of an attraction (such as an amusement park or a farm, etc.), it is recommended to select Yes to mark products such as tickets and experience activities as the official website. 

    • If you are not the owner of the attraction/scenic spot, or you provide tour products in the natural environment, such as: Kenting surfing teaching, hand-made courses, etc., such products are not suitable for publishing as the official website.

  2. Publish MySite or Widget URL: This will affect the pages that regular Google users go to. If you select MySite, the customer will be directed to your MySite product page after clicking the price link in the Google search page. If you select Widget,  the customer will be directed to the Widget booking screen after clicking the price link in the Google search page.

  3. Enable Google TTD: The default setting is No. Once enabled, you can start publishing your products to Google TTD. 

Note: It is not a must to publish rezio MySite as the official website to enable Google TTD, but if it is published as the official website, it can make the itinerary be placed higher on the search page!    

Example 1:

  • Publish MySite as official website: Yes 

  • Enable Google TTD: Yes 

Scenario: If you're an attraction owner, then publishing your products to Google via rezio and marking it as an official site will place your products higher on the search page over other unofficial products. 

Note: When you select Yes to both Publish MySite as official website and Enable Google TTD, the official website certification statement window will pop up. After agreeing to the consent statement, MySite will be marked as the official website and published to Google.

Example 2:

  • Publish MySite as official website: No 

  • Enable Google TTD: Yes

Scenario: If you are not the attraction’s owner, you can still publish the itinerary to Google TTD for users to search without publishing MySite as the official website. 

Note: when you select No for the Publish MySite as official website, Are you sure not to use MySite as the official website will pop up. Please confirm again, agree to the statement and save the settings to enable Google TTD. However, MySite will not be marked as the official website.

  • Google Things To Do (TTD) Release Specification

If you decide to enable Google TTD, it is recommended to browse and familiarize yourself with the relevant specifications to ensure that the itinerary can be published smoothly. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Google Things To Do Policies.

  • Histories

Changes in related settings will record the admin’s name and changes.

  • Product Info > Google TTD Settings

Publish settings for each product can be set once Google TTD is enabled.

After entering the Google TTD settings, the system will automatically check each product’s setting. The products that do not conform to the Google TTD release specification will be listed. You can refer to the error message and click the relevant link below to modify it. 

  • Google TTD Settings > TTD 相關設定

  • Publish as official website: This option only appears when "Publish rezio Mysite as official website" on the product info page is Yes, and you can individually set whether to publish this itinerary as the official website.

  • Product image: It must follow Google's specifications and meet the specified format to be uploaded successfully.