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This guide is intended to help you on connecting rezio to the GetYourGuide channel and sync your inventory and orders from GetYourGuide to rezio Admin.


If you are not a GetYourGuide Supplier, please register with the OTA prior to the channel connectivity.

Channel Connect Workflow


rezio Admin > Channel Manager > Channel - Get Your Guide 

Log in to rezio Admin to manage your channel. 

Go to Channel Manager to see the connection function of each channel (Integration - Orders, Integration - Quotas, and Integration - Products).

  • (V) Completely match / sync 

  • () Partially match / sync

  • (X) Cannot match / sync

Click Channel Info to view information and instructions about the channel. If you are not a GetYourGuide supplier, please register prior to channel connection

  • Connect Channel

  • Click Connect Channel to begin setting.

  • Select your GetYourGuide Channel Currency and Settlement Date. 

  • After checking all is correct, click Confirm to connect.

  • Once connected, you can go to Channel Info to check the connection status and channel-related information.

  • Add your Products to the Channel

  1. Go to Channel Manager > Channel and click Product Info to manage your products for this channel.

  2. Click +Add Product on the top right of the page.

Notes: For rezio and GetYourGuide channels, only Connect is available as the Product Connection Type. You will need to create the same product and settings on both systems to integrate your orders. 

  1. Select the products to connect with and click Confirm. The system will check whether the products have fulfilled the specifications set by GetYourGuide.

Product Specifications: 

  1. The voucher type must be a Rezio voucher or a custom voucher.

  2. The voucher’s redemption code must be a rezio QR code, API QR Code, or API Barcode. 

  3. The Product category must not be a Ticket (No sessions).


  • Channel Product Settings to Connect

  1. Go back to the Product Info page, the Connection Status of the products selected will be visible

  2. Go to Settings to start editing.

  3. If the Connection Status is Channel Spec Not Compliant, a list of settings that need to be modified will be displayed at the top of the page. Click Go to edit product to modify the product specifications according to the Check Result. Once edit is complete, go back to the Channel Product Settings page and click Recheck Specs. Once you finish your edit, go back to the Channel Product Settings page and click Recheck Specs.

  4. Connection Status will change to Awaiting Setup once your product meets the specifications.

  5. Select the GetYourGuide’s Channel Specs to be the same as rezio’s Sales Option Identity.

  6. After editing, click Save and Connect to finish the setup.

  7. Connection Status will change to Channel Connected once the product is successfully connected.

  8. The GetYourGuide Channel Sales Option ID will be displayed. You can now go to the GetYourGuide Supplier Administration to connect the product by entering this ID. Copy the ID by clicking the Copy ID button on the right to avoid input errors.

GetYourGuide Supplier Administration > Connect Products

  1. Go to GetYourGuide supplier administration and click + Create new products.

  2. After creating your products, select the product you want to connect with rezio.

  3. Select the Options to connect, go to Connectivity Settings, and click Edit.

  4. Select Yes to connect the booking engine you used for your availability

  5. Select rezio for the Booking system

  6. Paste the Channel Sales Option ID that you copied previously from the rezio Admin.

  7. Select Availability only.

  8. Select Price per person as your pricing type.

  9. After completing the settings, all the Order Information and Availability of future customers that purchase your product on GetYourGuide will be automatically synced to rezio

Inventory Mode Terms of rezio and GetYourGuide

Notes: Session Settings
rezio Session = GetYourGuide The activity starts at fixed times
rezio Allday = GetYourGuide Customers can arrive anytime during opening or operating hours

Filter your Channel Products

  1. Go to Channel > Product Info, use the filters to find the products you want to manage

  2. In the Connection Status column, you can see at a glance the connection status of all products with the channel

  3. To delete the connection, click Select, choose the products, then click Delete

Notes: After the products are deleted, existing orders from GetYourGuide can no longer be synchronized due to the deleted connection. Thus, the subsequent new orders cannot be imported.

Updated Settings & Affected Connection Status 

  1. If you close a certain Product in the rezio/GetYourGuide Channel Manager, the same product will also be closed automatically in GetYourGuide (synced).

  2. If you close a certain Sales Option or Session on the rezio admin, the same Sales Option or Session will also be closed automatically in GetYourGuide (synced).

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