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This guide will explain how to edit availability in one or more sessions, and update product information to channel in rezio Admin.

  • Modify Session Availability

If you wish to modify the availability of one single session, you may modify it in the Sales Calendar or Availability Calendar. If you want to modify availability of multiple sessions in batches, it is recommended to use the Availability Calendar to make the changes.

Sales Calendar - Modify The Availability of a Single Session

  1. Go to Sales Calendar, find the Sales Option and date which you wish to modify, and click on the session

Note: You can use Filter to quickly find the product that you want to modify

  1. In [Daily] view, you may enter the modification page by clicking on the session which you want to modify. Fill in the new number for Total Availability and click Save.

  1. A notification will then pop up on the screen, reminding you that this modification is only applied to the selected session. After you have confirmed the changes, click Save.

    Availability Calendar - Modify The Availability of a Single Session

  1. Go to Availability Calendar, find the Product, Sales Option and date which you want to modify. 

  1. Click on the Session and then Edit Availability at the bottom right to modify the availability. 

    Availability Calendar – Modify Multiple Sessions’ Availability

  1. Go to Availability Calendar and click Batch Edit

  2. Select the Sales Period, Product, and Sales Option. The list of Sessions that can be modified will appear below.

  3. Select the Sessions and the date that you want to modify.

  4. After selecting Availability, fill in the amount of availability and click Save. The selected sessions will be updated in batch.

  • Update the Information on Channel

MySite, Distributors

After modifying the availability of the Sessions, usually it will be automatically updated to MySite and Distributors in a few minutes. If needed, you can also manually update with the following steps:

  1. Go to Product List, find and select the product you just modified

  2. At the upper right corner, click Actions to expand the list, and click on Refresh MySite

  1. Click Confirm and the system will update the new modifications to MySite right away.

Channel - KKday and KKday Marketplace

If the product is also sold on KKday or KKday Marketplace, regardless of which connection type (both ‘supply’ and ‘connection’), you must update the availability to the Channel after making modifications to Sessions’ availability, in order for the new information to be updated on Channel.

  1. Go to Channel list, and click on Product Info of the channel. Find the modified product, and click on Settings of that product.

  2. Click Sync Availability to Channel at the lower right corner

  3. Please refresh the page after a while. If the update is successful, the message “Product availability successfully synced.” will be shown at the top section of the page.

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