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This guide is intended to help you on how to check and edit the availability status and inventory of existing products through the Availability Calendar in rezio Admin




Publish > Availability Calendar

Log in to rezio Admin to see your availability calendar.


  • Checking your Availability Calendar

Go to the Availability Calendar. Select the Date, Product and Sales Option you want to check. For the Sales Option, you can choose not to select a particular sales option as all sales options of the product will be listed by default.  Finally, click Search.

  1. Availability Calendar can display 14 days later or earlier from the date selected in one table, the sales option and the session of that product packages will be displayed below. Each grid (in the middle) signifies a session of a product. 

    • Sessions on Monday ~ Friday are displayed in the default background color (light gray).

    • Sessions on Saturday are displayed in blue. 

    • Sessions on Sunday are displayed in red. 

    • Sessions that have finished or no session on that date are displayed in dark gray and can’t be selected. 

  2. The information displayed in the grid for each session includes: 

    • Reservation Mode: Currently we have 2 modes, O Real Time and - Closed.

Note: When the sessions in the Sales Calendar are switched on, the Availability Calendar will display O Real Time. Vice versa, when the sessions in the Sales Calendar are switched off, it will be displayed as - Closed in the Availability Calendar. 

  • Session Availability: Displays the total availability for each session.

  • Remaining Availability: Displays the remaining availability for sale. When the Remaining Available inventory is equal to or less than 0, the number will be displayed in red.

Note: If the total availability of a session is 50, 3 were sold and 57 seats still remaining, the Sales Calendar and Availability Calendar will display them slightly different. → 
Sales Calendar: Available = the remaining bookable availability of this session, Booked = the availability that has been sold.

Availability Calendar: display the Total Availability and the Remaining Availability.

  1. On the upper corner, click Update to refresh the calendar. No need to refresh the whole page. 

  2. Click 14 days earlier or 14 days later to check past and future orders. 

  • Edit the settings of a single session 

After clicking on a session’s grid, these editing functions will be available: 

  • Availability

Click the Edit Availability at the bottom to set your availability. Depending on the Availability Type of your product, you can set the total availability for this session, or the allocations for each identity/item. 

  • Session’s Reservation Mode

Click the Edit Reservation Mode to modify the reservation mode of your session. 

O Real Time: Customers can book online as long as the session has enough availability. 

-Closed: Closed the session and hide it on MySite. 

  • Delete Session

Click Delete and you can choose to Delete that session only or Delete that session and all following sessions at the same start time.

  • Edit the settings of multiple sessions

Click Batch Edit and you can edit the settings of multiple sessions of the same sales option.

  1. Select the Sales Period, the Product and the Sales Option (can only select one) to modify sessions in batch. 

  2. The product’s Sessions within the selected Sales Period will appear and more than one session can be selected. 

  3. Select the dates you want to edit: you can choose Every week on or Every month on. Every week on Monday to Sunday is the system’s default. 

  4. Select the setting you want to edit: Availability, Reservation Mode or Delete.

  5. Click Save to apply the changes you made to multiple sessions (batches).

Example: If you want to close all morning sessions on every weekend in September in a specific product’s sales option, the setting is as follows →
1. Select the Sales Period as 2022-09-01 ~ 2022-09-30
2. Select the Product and its Sales Option. Then, uncheck the afternoon sessions and only keep the morning sessions.
3. In 
Step 1. Select the dates you want to edit, click Every week on and uncheck Monday to Friday and leave Saturday and Sunday as is.

4. in 
Step 2. Select the setting you want to edit, click Reservation Mode and Closed.

5. Click Save to finish editing. 

  • Edit the Sales Option 

On the Availability Calendar, you can also make the following settings for the Sales Option: 

  1. Sales Option Switch 

Click the switch on the left of the Sales Option’s name to turn on or off. Sales Option that have been switched off will be automatically put on the bottom.

  1. Sales Option Sales Period 

The Sales Period of this Sales Option will be displayed below the Sales Option name. Click the date to edit the start and end dates, then click Save.

  • If the Sales Period is extended, the system will create new sessions based on existing setting and pricing. 

If the Sales Option has multiple Session settings, the system cannot determine which settings are used to create new sessions. Please go to the Sales Calendar page, select the session and click Edit Session settings.

  • If the Sales Period is shortened, the system will delete the sessions that are not within this sales period. However, if the original sessions already have bookings, the sessions cannot be deleted. 


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