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This guide will walk you through the basic functions of the rezio App.




Download rezio App

Please download the rezio App on the App Store or Google Play.

  • rezio login

Enter your Account and Password and then tap Log In.

  • Dashboard

  1. On loading, the dashboard displays the performance of the last 7 days, the total number of orders, the value of orders, and the total amount paid, with comparison metrics from the previous 7 days also displayed

  2. To add an order, tap New Order 

  1. To view recent bookings, scroll down to Orders. You can view bookings with departures for the current day (“today”) and tomorrow, pending bookings, bookings from the last 3 days, and bookings departing in the next 7 days.

  • Publish

  1. To check your inventory in the sales calendar, tap Publish at the bottom navigation bar 

  1. You can check and edit a product’s availability and booked seats in the sales calendar

  2. You can view the sales calendar weekly or daily, and navigate by tapping the “>” button to view the next week/day, or tapping the “<” button to view the previous week/day 

  1. You can also use the filter function to find a particular product 

  1. To edit the availability and selling price of a particular session, select the session and tap Edit 

  1. To stop selling a particular session, select the session and tap the toggle button at the top-left to turn it from ON to OFF (blue means ON, gray means OFF). You can apply this to “All Sessions”, “Only This Session”, or “This Session and All Following Sessions” 

  1. To start selling a particular session after turning the session off, select the session and tap the toggle button from OFF to ON. Likewise, you can apply this to “All Sessions” or “Only This Session” 

To add an order for any product and session, do the following:

  1. Tap the session you wish to adjust 

  2. After loading the session, scroll down and tap New Order 

To remove sessions: 

  1. Tap the session you wish to adjust

  2. Scroll down and tap Delete 

Remark: Once the session is deleted, this action is irreversible. Please verify you need to delete the session before continuing. 


  • Orders

  1. To sort orders, tap Orders in the bottom navigation bar, and then select any of the sorting options. 

    Note: For your convenience, tap Quick View for more efficient browsing of orders.

  1. You can sort the orders from newest to oldest, latest to earliest departure date, and so on 

  1. To view order details, tap Orders in the bottom navigation bar and tap the orders for which you would like to view its details

  2. When in Details view, you can change the order status from Confirmed order to a No-Show or Check-in 

To send out notification emails to your customer, tap on the order to enter Order Details. Tap Email and choose the notification email you would like to send. You can leave an additional message (optional). Tap Send when you are ready to deliver the notification.


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