This guide will explain how to check in and redeem vouchers in rezio Admin.


Redeem > Check in and Redeem

Log in to rezio Admin to redeem vouchers. 

  • Redeem with order number 

  1. On the Check in and Redeem page, input the order number to be redeemed, and then click Check in & Redeem. 
  2. The order information will appear for your review. Check the appropriate boxes for the vouchers to be redeemed. 
  3. Click Check in & Redeem to redeem the selected voucher. 
  4. If the redemption is successful, you should see the Redemption Record pop-up. 

  • Other Redemption Methods 

  • Method 1: Go to Orders > Order List in rezio Admin to redeem vouchers via Order Management

  • Method 2Use the rezio App to Redeem to scan a voucher and verify it

  • Method 3: Activate Swipe to Redeem for your desired product under the Publish Settings tab in order to let clients redeem on their end

(Please remember to turn on Swipe to Redeem under Sell Online > Vouchers as well)