This guide will explain how you can edit the price, sessions, and inventory for your existing products.  These options must be set from the sales calendar, the rest can be changed in the product detail page.


  • Change the price and inventory of a single session


 To change the price and availability of a single session:

  1. Go to the sales calendar and find the date of the session you want to modify.

  1. Click to enter the grid and find the session to be modified

  1. Click Edit to change the price or the available quantity

  1. Click Save to complete.


  • Modify future sessions in batches

Note: The batch modification function can only be used in future sessions. If there are already orders for sessions in the future and you modify the price, the past orders will still be the old settings. Only the incoming orders will be available after the settings have been changed. Is a new setting

  1. If you want to change the price rules, you must first go back to the "Set Price" tab of the itinerary page, bind the new price, and save

  • For more details on how to bind the price, please refer to Pricing Policy.

  1. Go to the sales calendar and find the grid of the product

  1. Click on the "start date" of the session to be modified. For example, if the new price is applied from May 14th, click on May 14th (you cannot click on the current day or the past date), and then click on the session to enter.

  1. After entering the session, click on Edit Session Setting (until this moment, the price is still the old price).

  1. Confirm that the price is correct, and click save directly (if you need to change the rest of the sales calendar settings, you can change them together and save)

  1. At this moment, the system will ask you to confirm again how would like to make the changes, please select the suitable one:

  • All sessions after current time: If there are multiple sessions on the current modified date, click this option to apply your settings to all sessions after the current session, and the earlier sessions will not be affected.

  • All sessions from ~ : The system will directly bring in the date of the next day on the day of operation. Clicking this option will apply your settings to all sessions starting tomorrow.

Example:If you operate on 2021-04-01 on the day of the operation, you are editing the session at 1:00 pm on 2021-04-03. If you click the time period after the current session, the whole day on 2021-04-01 will continue until the afternoon of 2021-04-02 Games before 1 o'clock will not be affected.

  1. The new settings are saved (if there are no changes, please don’t be nervous, just press refresh)

For more information on how to edit other information or settings of the itinerary, please refer to the instructions for Managing Your Products.

  • How to check whether your modification is successful

All updates on the reservation website require some processing time (depending on different changes, the operation time is variable), if you want to check whether your changes are successful, you can refer to this method.


  1. Go to Sell Online > MySite or Theme Design

  1. Click directly to save and preview, and wait for the preview screen to be updated

  1. In the preview screen, you can directly enter the product to confirm whether the update appears!