This guide is intended to help you walk through product management in rezio Admin, covering how to navigate the product list and add, filter, and edit products


Product > Product List

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Product List to start managing your products.

The cover imagename, all the sales options bound to the product, codecategory, and sales status of each product are displayed in the product list.

  • Status

The sales status will change depending on settings and the situation at time of viewing as listed below:

  • In Progress: The essential steps in the product setup are incomplete, meaning the product is not for sale.

  • Available until ___: All the essential steps are complete and the product is on sale until the end date set in the sales calendar.

  • End Selling: The selling period for the product has ended.

  • Discontinued: The product is not on sale due to the sales options selling statuses switched to OFF. If just one sales option selling status is ON, the status will not be set to Discontinued.

  • Fully Booked: All the sessions for the product are sold out.

  • Editing products

To edit a product, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the product you would like to edit to enter edit mode


  1. The interface for editing a product is the same as adding a new product. Find the section you want to edit and start editing.
  2. When you finish editing each section, click Save. If you click Cancel or do not click Save, changes made will not be made.

  • Delete product

You can delete the product when it’s in the In Progress status.

  • Click Select

  • Click the checkbox for the product you want to delete.

  • Click Delete.