Admin Publish | Sales Calendar: Modify On-Shelf Products

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This guide is intended to walk you through the inventory management features in rezio Admincovering calendar navigation, product filtering, and session creation/editing.


Publish > Sales Calendar and Availability Calendar.

Log in to rezio Admin and enter the sales calendar or availability calendar to manage your inventory.



  • Modify the Total Availability of a Session

If you want to modify the availability of a single session, you can modify them in the Sales Calendar or the Availability Calendar. If you want to modify the availability of multiple sessions in batches, it is recommended to use the Availability Calendar to make the changes. 


  • Sales Calendar – Modify a Session’s Total Availability

  1. Go to Sales Calendar, find and click the product’s session on the date you want to modify. 

Note: You can use Filter to quickly find the product that you want to modify. 

  1. Fill in the modified total availability number and click Save.

  2. A notification will pop up on the screen, reminding you that this modification is only applied to the selected session. After you have confirmed the changes, click Save



  • Availability Calendar – Modify a Session’s Total Availability

  1. Go to Availability Calendar, find and click the product’s session on the date you want to modify. 

  2. Click on the session and then Edit Availability at the bottom right to modify the availability. 

  3. Fill in the modified total availability number and click Save.


  • Availability Calendar – Modify Multiple Sessions’ Total Availability

Note: The batch modification function can only be used in future sessions. If orders have already been made for sessions in the future and you modify the price, those past orders will still be set to the previous settings. Incoming orders with your new modifications will only be available after the settings have been saved.

  1. Go to Availability Calendar and click Batch Edit.

  2. Select the Sales Period, Product, and Sales Option. Below will appear the list of Sessions that can be modified.

  3. Select the Sessions and the date you want to modify.

  4. Select Availability as the setting you want to edit, fill in the number and click Save. Your selected sessions will be updated in batch. 



  • Modify the Price of a Session

You can modify the Price of a Session in the Sales Calendar or go to Product > Add Pricing to modify price in batches. 

  • Modify a Session’s Price

Similar to the way to modify the availability, go to Sales Calendarfind and click the product’s session on the date you want to modify. Change the price of the session beside the identity. After editing, click Save. 



  • Modify Multiple Sessions’ Price

                        You can modify the sessions’ prices in batches by changing the Pricing Rules. 

  1. Go to Product > Edit Product > Add Pricing tab. Scroll down to Linked Pricing Policies and find the pricing rule you would like to remove. Then delete it by clicking the bin icon. You can edit an existing pricing policy or add the new one you need. In this example, I am using another existing pricing policy. Select the Time Type, click Add and Save.

Note: For more information regarding binding a pricing rule, please refer to Admin Settings | Pricing Policy.

  1. Go to Sales Calendar, find the Sales Option that you want to modify. 

  2. Click on the Start Date of the new pricing policy. For example, the new price will be applicable from Dec 1st, then click on Dec 1st (you cannot click on the current day or a past date, only up-coming date can be modified), and then click on the Session to start editing. 

  3. Click Edit Session Settings (At this stage, the price displayed still follows the old pricing policy).

  4. The popup should reflect the new pricing you just added/edited. Confirm whether the price shown after is already updated or not. If yes, click Save (if you need to change other Sales Calendar settings such as Availability, Date Range and Resources, you can also modify them here and click Save).

  5. A notification message will pop up, asking you to confirm the changes and how to apply the changes. There are two options: 

  • This Session and All Sessions After: If there are multiple sessions on the current modified date, click this option to apply your settings to all sessions after the current session. Sessions falling on the current date and earlier sessions will not be affected.

  • All Sessions from ~: The system will apply the new settings to sessions on the next day of operation. Clicking this option will apply your settings to all sessions starting on the following date.

Example: If you edit them on 18/11/2022, and you’re editing a session that occurs at 12:00 on 01/12/2022. If you save the change by clicking This Session and All Sessions After, then sessions from 19/11/2022 until 12:00 on 01/12/2022 will not be affected; only the ones after will. If you save the change by clicking All Sessions from 19/11/2022 (as in this example), all sessions that have not yet begun from 19/11/2022 will be affected. 

  1. The new setting will be saved (If there is no change on the calendar, please click Reload).


For more information on how to edit other information or settings of the itinerary, please refer to the instructions for Admin Product | Product Management.



  • Manually Update the Information on MySite

After you finish modifying your session, usually it will be automatically updated to the MySite within a few minutes. If you needed, you can also manually update by:

  1. Go to the Product List, find and select the product you just modified. 

  2. Click Refresh MySite in the upper right corner.

  3. Click Confirm and the system will update MySite right away.

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