This guide is intended to help you create tags in Rezio Admin and facilitate order management process.

Orders > Tag Settings

Login to Rezio Admin and navigate to Tag Settings.

  • Create Tags

In addition to default tags, you can click + Add to create a new one.

  1. Status: click the switch, blue is enabled, gray is disabled.

  2. Enter label name.

  3. Label color: you can customize the color of the label, click the box to open the color selector, and then click the color you want, or enter the color code directly on the right.

  4. Click Add to complete the setting.


  • Adding Tags to the Bookings

You can use tags to classify or label your orders.

1.After entering the order details page, click + Add on the upper left corner.

2.Click on the label you want to use, and then click to confirm.

3.After setting, the tags will appear in the upper left corner, you can click X again to remove the label.

4.After setting the tags, you can select them to filter the data in the order list and sales report. The following figure is an example of the use in the order list