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This guide is intended to help you to use the Orders Dashboard to assist and simplify daily order processing through the rezio Admin.



 Dashboard > Orders

Log in to rezio Admin to start managing your Orders Dashboard.


  • What is an Orders Dashboard?

In the Orders Dashboard, the system will display the orders that need to be processed manually on the screen. When you open the page, you can see the following information:


  1. Last Updated: The time this page was loaded/refreshed.

  2. Statistics of To be canceled & Pending Confirmation Order: This area displays the date and the current number of orders that need to be manually handled.

    • To be canceled order = Orders that are in the middle of cancellation but still need the last manual confirmation, that is, orders whose statuses are Canceling and Cancel Requested. 

    • Pending Confirmation order = Orders that already deducted inventory but are yet to be manually confirmed, that is, orders whose statuses are New & PaidNew & Unpaid, and Pending.

  3. Orders: This area displays the statistics of the following 5 order statuses and you can view the list of orders by clicking a particular order status box.

    • New & Paid: Orders with a status of New & Paid

    • New & Unpaid: Orders with a status of New & Unpaid

    • Pending: Orders with a status of Pending

    • To be canceled: Orders with a status of Cancel Requested and Canceling

    • Resource Unallocated: Orders with a Resource Unallocated Order Process Tag. 

  4. Alert: This area displays any orders that have problems like the lists below:

    • Order with Error: Orders that have errors due to different settings when importing them from channels. They can also be found on Menu > Channel Manager > Order with Error

    • Generate Voucher Error: Orders with a Generate Voucher Error Order Process Tag. 

    • Refund Failed: Orders with a Refund Failed Order Process Tag. 

    • Redemption Overdue: Orders with a Redemption Overdue Order Process Tag. 

    • Issue Invoice Failed: Orders with an Issue Invoice Failed Order Process Tag. 

    • Sync Failed: Orders with a Sync Failed Order Process Tag. 


  • Manage your Orders through the Orders Dashboard

Click on a white shortcut box and all orders of this status will be listed on the right side of the screen, with the newer orders at the top.


  1. If you click on an order with no error, the information displayed on the right page will include: 

  • [Product Code] Product Name

  • Departure Date + Order Quantity

  • Order Number

  • Order Date

  1. If you click on an order with error, the information displayed on the right page will include: 

  • Channel’s Product Name or Channel Order Number
    (As the item name used by each channel is different, if the Product Name cannot be displayed, the Order Number number of the channel will be displayed instead)

  • Channel Name

  • Order Date


  1. Click an order from the list, and the Order Details will be displayed on the screen that slides out on the left.


  1. In the Order Details, you can see and manage the information related to the order. You can also click the Previous or Next button to view orders of the same category in sequence. Press the X on the upper left once you finish and the list on the right will be automatically updated to display the latest information.


  1. Once you finish managing one order category, you can continue to click other category boxes to process more orders. Every time a category box is clicked, the data shown will be the latest data.


  1. For Orders with Error, you can also make the necessary settings on the Dashboard by filling the order’s information and click Convert to General. 

Notes: When you click the Previous / Next button to view your orders, sometimes you may find orders that do not match the filter criteria. For example, you might see a Confirmed order appear in the Pending order list. This is because the list displays the data updated when you press the category box. If the dashboard is not refreshed, order with changed status will still be shown. You can refresh your browser to get the latest update. 


  • View Pending Orders through rezio App

You can also view the Orders Dashboard in the rezio App. In the App screen, Orders and Alert are displayed on different tabs. Clicking the category below can open the order list of this category, which makes it easier to process your order on your mobile phone. 

Notes: If there are no Alert in the system, the Alert tab and category box will not be displayed. 


Notes: Please use the latest rezio App version 1.0.9(42) to see Orders under Dashboard in the side menu. 



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