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This guide will provide step-by-step explanations on how to create your own customized voucher in rezio Admin, including adding and editing custom voucher templates.





Settings > Custom Voucher Template

Log in to rezio Admin and enter Custom Voucher Template to start creating your vouchers.

  • Voucher Template Editor

    The voucher template editor consists of the following features:

  • Toolbar

The toolbar is equipped with formatting functions similar to other document editing software.

  • Background Image

You can upload an image from a URL and make it the background of your voucher.

  • Component

There are many components to choose from that could be used on the voucher template. When using components, the code for the components will display in the editor but only the code result will be shown on the voucher.

Note: When the component {{Product Name}} is used in the voucher editor, the product name shown on the voucher will change automatically according to the product it is linked to. The same goes for the other components. It is recommended to indicate the title beside each component to provide enough details for your customers. 

Example: The voucher template example below will be shown in the next section.



  • Adding custom voucher templates

    1. Click + Add.

Note: The translation area in Settings > Translation cannot translate the custom voucher, so if you need a voucher in other languages, you need to add a custom voucher in that other language.

  1. Enter voucher template name in Label.

  2. For the Voucher PDF Generation Rules, you can choose whether to Generate the number of vouchers based on the QR Code settings in “Publish Settings” (Multiple pages) or generate only One page. 

Note: When Rezio All-inOne QR Code is selected as your Component, you can select One page as your Voucher PDF Generation Rules. 

  1. Right below, there is the Editing Toolbar. Similar to file editor, you can set the text styles, paragraph alignment, hyperlinks, insert pictures, and other functions. 

  2. Background: You can set the background image and color. 

  3. Component: In the voucher template, you will only see parameters. However when it is sent to the customer, the parameters will display what is written in the Order Information and display them in the voucher. For example: if you want to select the Product Name component,  {{Product Name}} will be displayed in the template. The voucher will then automatically put the product name such as Taipei 101, Australian National Maritime Museum, and Handmade Experience. The words “Product Name” will not be displayed. Thus, it is recommended to add a description beside the parameter, to make the information as clear as possible for customers.

1. The information displayed on the voucher will be based on the settings when the voucher was generated. If you have modified the order information or the voucher template, please remember to go to the Order Details - Voucher tab and click Generate voucher to retrieve the latest data again. For more information on generating voucher, please refer to Admin Order | Order Management.
2. If the product settings is set to 
by Identity / Item Quantity, and there are more than one Identity / Item Quantity, each identity / Item Quantity will generate one voucher page and cannot be combined into one page like Rezio Voucher.

  1. Insert Table; Using tables can avoid formatting issues.

  2. Right-click on the table and select Table Properties to adjust the table size.

  3. Set Border Width. When the border width is set to 0, there won’t be any border.

  4. To merge cells, select the first row, right-click, and select Cell > Merge.

  5. Place the logo in the first row and click Component.

  6. Select Logo.

  7. Place the logo component in the first row and center the text.

  8.  In the first column, add the product details you would like to provide on the voucher.

  9. Click Component to add the corresponding product details in the second column.

  10. Select the fifth to seventh row, right-click and select Cell > Merge to merge the cells.

  11. Enter “Please present QR Code upon arrival” in the fifth row, then add the QR code component in the sixth row and center text.

  12. Insert an image in the seventh row.

  13. Enter the image URL in Source.

  14. Set the Width to 100% and leave the Height blank.

  15. Click Save.

  16. Follow the previous steps to add other information you would like to provide your customers.

  17. After editing, click Save & Preview.

Your customized voucher is all done! 

  • Editing Custom Voucher Templates

  1. When you have done editing, click on Voucher Template Editor to return to Voucher Templates.

  2. To edit voucher templates, click on Edit beside the voucher label to start.

  3. To return to rezio Admin, click Back to Admin.



Advance Settings

  • Using various Components 

You can put various data components in the customized voucher, and the system will automatically generate and display the corresponding information in the Itinerary and Order Information when the voucher is generated. If there is no information for certain components, these components will not be displayed in the order’s voucher. 

For example, if your Itinerary is set to  Redeem Point as Taipei Main Station: 

In the customized voucher template, if you insert Redeem Point, the voucher received by the customer will display the name and address of the Redeem point (shown as 1 in the figure below), if you put Redeem Point with Map, as there is no map of the redemption point set in the itinerary, the map will not be displayed in the voucher (as shown in number 2).

Voucher Settings:


Voucher’s content will be displayed as:

If you generate a Google map or upload an image as the Redeem Point, the image will be shown in the customer’s voucher if you choose Redeem Point with Map.


Voucher’s content will be displayed as:


Currently, the system provides the following Components, which you can select in the customized voucher. You will see the default data when previewing, but it will be displayed according to your store and other related settings:

Component Name


MySite URL

Data will be available after MySite is Enabled. 

Store Name 

Display the name set in the General > Basic.


Display the logo picture uploaded in the MySite > Header Title.


Display the data in the General > Basic.


Mobile Phone


Business Address

Product Code

Display the settings in the Itinerary and Sales Option of a particular Order/Booking.

Product Name

Sales Option 

Important Booking Information

Display the description in the Introduction > Special Terms and Conditions of a particular Order/Booking. 

Order Number

Display the Order Number of a particular Order/Booking.

Departure Date

If the itinerary has fixed sessions, it will display the Start time of the Booked Sessions of a particular Order/Booking. 

Ticket Validity

If the product category is a Ticket (No Sessions), then it will display the Ticket Validity of a particular Order/Booking (Voucher will be generated by Identity/Item Quantity).


Display the Customer’s Information of a particular Order/Booking.


Display the Booking’s Item and Quantity of a particular Order/Booking. 

How to Use

Display the settings in the Voucher Settings > How to Use of a particular Order/Booking. 


Display the settings in the Destination Information of a particular Order/Booking.

Destination with Map

Meeting Point

Display the settings in the Meeting Point Information of a particular Order/Booking.

Meeting Point with Map

Redeem Point

Display the settings in the Redeem Point Information of a particular Order/Booking.

Redeem Point with Map


If the Pickup settings of the itinerary are Pickup services included, the pickup option and information selected by the customer will be displayed here. 

Voucher Notes

Displays the Note for each individual voucher in the Voucher Settings. 

Distributor Name

If the order is booked through a distributor, then the voucher received by the distributor and the customer will display the Name of the distributor.  

Distributor Logo

If the order is booked through a distributor, then the voucher received by the distributor and the customer will display the Logo of the distributor.  

Supplier Order No.

Display the supplier order number filled in the Voucher Settings of a particular Order/Booking.

Tour Guide / Driver Name

Display the Name of the tour guide/driver filled in the Voucher Settings of a particular Order/Booking.

Tour Guide / Driver Contact Number 

Display the Contact Number of the tour guide/driver filled in the Voucher Settings of a particular Order/Booking.

Voucher Number

Displays the Number of the voucher, it is recommended to use it with the Redemption Code component. 

Vendor Name

Show Vendor Name in the Basic Info of a particular Order/Booking.

Channel Logo

If the order is booked through a channel, the voucher received by the customer will display the Logo of the Channel.


If you are connected with an API and use API QR Code or Barcode, the URL of the API Voucher can be displayed.

API Information

If you are connected with an API and use API QR Code or Barcode, the Information of the API Voucher can be displayed.

Traveller Representative - First Name 

Display the Name of the Traveller Representative in the booking information of a particular Order/Booking.

Traveller Representative - Last Name 

Traveller Representative - Passport First Name 

Display the Passport Name of the Traveller Representative in the booking information of a particular Order/Booking.

Traveller Representative - Passport Last Name 

Rezio QR Code

Display only the Rezio QR Code of the voucher, it is recommended to use it with the Voucher Number component.

Rezio QR Code with Ticket Type

Display the Rezio QR Code and the Ticket Type of the voucher. 


If you are connected with an API and obtain Redemption Code through the API, the API QR Code of the voucher will be displayed. It is recommended to use it with the Voucher Number component.

API QR Code with Ticket Type

If you are connected with an API and obtain Redemption Code through the API, the API QR Code and the Ticket Type of the voucher will be displayed.

API Barcode

If you are connected with an API and obtain Redemption Code through the API, the API Barcode will be displayed. It is recommended to use it with the Voucher Number component. 

API Barcode with Ticket Type

If you are connected with an API and obtain Redemption Code through the API, the Ticket Type will be displayed under the API Barcode.

Customized QR Code

If the voucher of the itinerary is set to Upload Customized QR Code in Order Details, the QR Code file uploaded in the order will be displayed here.

Ticket Type

Display the Ticket Type of a particular Order/Booking.

Rezio All-inOne QR Code

Scan the Rezio All-in-One QR Code to simultaneously redeem all the vouchers in the same order. Usually used for tickets that have the setting of Number of Vouchers to Generate - by Identity / Item Quantity. This All-in-One QR Code can improve on-site redeem efficiency. 

  • Adjusting the Size of the QR Code and Logo 

  1. First, click on the Component icon on the right, go to QR Code and click on the options that you want to use. Then, insert this component in the position that you want. 

  2. Click the QR Code component, and then click the picture icon in the upper toolbar to Insert/Edit Image setting, adjust the desired size in the Width field, and then click Save

Reminders: Only setting the Width is alright. Leave the Height field blank to avoid image distortion. 

  1. If you use components such as Store LogoDistributor Logo or Channel Logo, you can also use the above method to adjust the size of the logo image. 


  • Set background image or color

  1. Click the first icon on the right to open the background screen. You can choose to Enter URL or Upload Image. If you choose to upload the image, select the background image to be uploaded, and click the upload image. Uploading is successful only if there is a thumbnail image. 

Note: The recommended size of the background image is a JPG form with the size of 2100px * 2970px. It is recommended to compress the image before uploading, which can reduce the size of the output PDF file. (Recommended tools: TinyJPGiLoveIMGSquoosh)

Note: Avoid using overly complicated images. It is recommended to use images with solid colors and repeated geometric shapes, and tick the Repeating Background Image, so that when the voucher is more than two pages long, the background image will still be the same. 

  1. You can also fill in the HEX Color Code in the background color field to set the background color of the voucher. If a background image is also set, it is recommended to fill in a color similar to the background image for better overall visual effect.

Note: You can go to Sell Online > Theme Design and directly use the same color code as the website, or use the color selection tool to choose a color (if you don’t press Save, it will not affect the website settings).

  • Use Tables to Optimize Typography/Typesetting

If you want to make the voucher layout more tidy and prevent changes from the final version, you can use tables.

  1. Evaluate and analyze how you want to present your voucher. You can split them into several rows and columns, set up the table, and use merged cells to easily place data and components and create the layout of the voucher.

For example, if this is the layout that you want to use/present: 

As shown in the picture above, the entire layout can be divided into a big picture in the upper part, information below the picture, the area for QR code, and the picture above is 4 columns and 9 rows. 

  1. Back to the Editing page, click on the Table in the upper toolbar, and draw a 4x9 table. 

  1. Clicking the table will bring up the Table Toolbar. Click the Table Properties (the first icon from the left) to set: 

  • Width: It is recommended to enter them in unit of percentage (%), and not set it to 100%, so that there is a gap between the table content and the border. You can also directly drag the border of the table to set the Width

  • Height: The minimum height is automatically set, and it will be adjusted accordingly based on the table content. 

  • Border Width: Usually is set to 0, so that the frame of the table will not appear on the Voucher, making the layout cleaner. 

  • Alignment: Recommended to be set to Center.


  1. Back to the editing page, you can directly drag the border to adjust the width of the column, or you can select multiple cells and click Table > Cell > Merge cells in the upper toolbar.

Note: If you want to adjust the column width more precisely, you can click Table > Cell > Cell properties on the toolbar to set your table. 

During the editing process, you can click Save & Preview to check whether the result is as expected, and then make more adjustments.

  • Adjust the Format of the Text Component 

If you want to adjust the text format of the data element, such as font size and color, you can set it for each data element. 

  1. Click on the component to be adjusted, the selected component will have a blue frame.

  2. Click Format in the upper toolbar. There are many options such as Bold, Italic, Fonts, Font sizes, Text color, Background color, and other options. 

  1. In addition to the toolbar, you can also click the upper icon to adjust the text color, add hyperlinks, and other edits. 

Voucher Templates Setting Example

There are many functions of the Custom Voucher Templates. The following will introduce the use of important functions by demonstrating the editing process of the voucher template.

Sample Voucher Templates: 

  1. Enter Label.

  2. Click Insert, click Table (to help your data not easily out of structure), and then select the number of rows and columns you need. If you need more columns, you can click the toolbar below the table after adding the table. 

Note: Drag the border of the table to adjust the column height or width. The toolbar below can add new rows or columns or delete the table.

  1. Right-click on the table, select Table Properties, and set the border width (if the width is 0, the line will not appear!).

  1. Select the two cells in the first row, right-click, and select Cell > Merge cells.

Note: You can put your logo on the first row.

  1. Click Component.

  1. Click Logo and click Align Center.

  1. Enter the Information Name you want to put in the Voucher in the left column.

  1. Click Component.

  2. Put the corresponding Component in the right column.

  1. Select the cells in rows 5 to 7, right-click, and select Cell > Merge cells.

  2. On the 5th row, write Show QR Code to Enter the Venue.

  3. On the 6th row, Click Component > QR Code.

  4. Click Align Center for the 5th and 6th row.

  5. On the 7th row, Click Insert and Image.

  6. Enter Source of the image or Upload them. 

  1. Change the width to 100% and leave the height blank.

  2. Click Save.

  3.  Follow the steps above to fill the remaining rows and columns, and write the information you want to provide to consumers.

  4.  After you have finished, Click Save & Preview.

Note: After finishing previewing, if there are no problems, then you are finished! 

  1. After you have finished, click ←Voucher Template Editor to return to the main page of the voucher template.

  2. Click Edit to enter the editing page again (the editing method is still the same as above).

  3. Click Back to Admin to return to rezio Admin.

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