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This article will guide you through the essential steps to get your tour or activity online and ready to sell within minutes. Learn how to create a product, create a calendar inventory, and set up your customized website in less than 10 minutes !


Remark: It is required to enable at least one payment method to start selling products in your store. The payment methods enabled in the settings will affect the payment option available during product setup in Admin, and during the customer's purchasing option when booking on MySite.

Store Setup - Settings > General 

Log in to rezio Admin and complete all required store settings. 

  • Set up Regional Settings

  1. Go to Settings > General > Regional

  2. Select your desired Language, Time Zone, and Week starts on

  3. Click Save


  • MySite Payment Settings

  1. Go to Settings > General > MySite Payment Settings

  2. After clicking your desired toggle button, it will turn blue indicating the payment method is enabled

  3. Click Save 


Remark: It is required to enable at least one payment method to start selling products in your store. The payment methods enabled in the settings will affect the payment option available during product setup in Admin, and during the customer’s purchasing option when booking on MySite.


  • Set up Day off (Tour) and Day off (Office) Settings

  1. Go to Settings > General > Day off (Tour) / Day off (Office)

  2. Click Setting to enter edit mode

  3. Select the day off dates. The selected dates will be circled in red

  4. Click Confirm to continue 

  1. Review the selected dates in the pop-up window and click Save to complete the setup 

Note: The day off (tour) settings control the dates available for booking on MySite and in Rezio Admin. The day off (office) settings control the operation service time.

You have now finished your store’s basic setup. Let’s keep going and add a product!

  • Add Product

  1. Go to Product > Add Product or click + Add in the Product List 

  1. In Category, make a selection 

Note: If your product’s category is Ticket, we provide two different categories. Select Ticket to set the sessions for your product. You can also set your ticket validity date by the date selected by customers or by a specific date. Select Ticket (No Sessions) to link tickets to a specific product. You will then be able to manage the total number of tickets through Ticket Quota
For further information on the above note, please refer to Category | Ticket (No Sessions).

  1. Enter Product Name and Product Alias (optional)

  2. Enter your own Product Code, or leave it blank for the system to generate one for you 

Note: You can customize the Product Code with numbers & letters (between 4 to 30 digits), or the system will generate a unique 6 character code. If you set up your own code, you cannot use the same code for different products.

  1. Select the Region and Time Zone where the product is based

  2. Select the Language and Currency used where the product is based

  3. Click Create

Remark: Once the product is created, you will not be able to change the category, location, currency, and language settings. Please ensure your product's basic settings are correct before continuing.

Note: In the Location section, Region and Time Zone are required fields while Country/Territory and Place/Landmark are optional. If filled, they will appear on the product card on MySite as shown below. 


Good work! Let's continue to the product settings, which consist of several sections: product description, photos, itinerary, price, and session setting. We'll only be focusing on the essential steps required to get your product ready to sell online.




Product Setup

  • Section Tabs

  • The section tabs marked with a ★ are required steps to launch your product. rezio will remind you how many required steps are left on the top-right corner

  • When all requirements are completed, “All Done. Ready to Go!” will appear

  • A green checkmark will appear on the tab when you have completed that section


  • Introduction

  1. Enter in a Brief introduction to your product and Highlights

  2. Click Next

Note: To preview the product page, click the Preview button. To hide previews, click on the monitor icon. When in preview mode, input text on the left column, and the preview is displayed on the right column. You can modify text with the text editor above the textbox. To hide the text editor, click the up arrow. To show the text editor, click the down arrow.

  • Sales Options

  1. Enter a Sales Option Name (required) and Description (optional)

  2. Click Add 

  1. Review the sales option just created, and then click Next 

Note: If the Sales Option Switch is turned to blue, the sales option is available to customers, and when the switch is gray, the option is unavailable.


  • Taxes & Fees (Apply Multiple at Once)

  1. Click + Add to add a new tax/fee parameter 

  1. Enter in a Label

  2. Select a CurrencyType, and Rule

  3. Input your desired Value based on the Rule

  4. Turn Price inclusive on (or off) to indicate whether the tax or fee is included

  5. Click Create 

  1. After creating, select the item added in Taxes & Fees and click Next  


  • Cancellation (Single choice)

  1. Select the built-in option (Non-refundable/Full refund)

  2. Click Next

Note: Only one option is allowed to link with the product for cancellation settings. The selected option will be shown at the top. If there are no suitable options, you can click + Add to create your own. 


  • Deposit (Single choice)

  1. Select the built-in option (No charge/Full amount)

  2. Click Next


  • Booking Info (Single choice)

  1. Click + Add 

  1. Add booking labels if needed by clicking the + button

  2. Select the data field needed from traveler to Optional or Required. If a particular data field is not needed, leave it blank

  3. Click Create

  4. Select the item added in Booking Info and click Next. The selected item will be shown at the top

Note: There are 5 category fields in Booking Info including ContactDelivery, Participant, Dietary, and Flight fields. You can also create your own in Custom fields.

  • Default (REQUIRED): Last NameFirst NameMobile, and Email in the Contact fields are set as required by default. All data fields are changeable except for Last Name and Email because both are required fields for your customer to check their order on MySite.

  • Default (OPTIONAL):  Last NameFirst NameMobile, and Email in Participant fields are set as optional and per person by default. Other fields are set as none by default.


  • Publish Settings

Edit Publish Settings

  1. Set bookings to be confirmed automatically or manually and choose the number of hours it takes to confirm after the booking date or before the departure date

  2. Set cut-off booking to a specified time or relative time

  3. Set the time limit for accepting bookings to unlimited or limited. If you choose limited, enter the number of days by which the booking should be limited

  4. Choose a payment method accepted for this product

Note: Specified Time means you want the booking time cut off at a specified time; e.g. if the booking cut-off time is set to 1 day 6:00 PM, it will not be available for booking after 6:00 PM one day before the session starts. Relative Time means you want the booking time cut off after a certain time before the session is scheduled to start; e.g. if the booking cut-off time is set to 6 hrs before 6:00 PM, the booking will no longer be available starting at 12:00 PM on that same day.

Hint: If you do not see the payment type option you’re looking for, please go to Settings > General > Payment to check if you have enabled the payment settings.


  • Type of Voucher

  1. Select your desired Voucher Type and how the customer will use the voucher 

  2. Click Next 


  • Add Pricing

Note: If you set the Advertising Price, it will be shown on MySite product card and will be served as the lowest price for Google crawler. If you leave it blank, Rezio will calculate from all unit prices in the associated pricing policies and set the lowest price as the advertising price. However, the customized price of a single session will not trigger the calculation of Advertising Price.

To switch to different sales options, click on the sales option you want to start adding pricing.


  • Select Pricing Policy

  1. Select the sales option to which you would like to add this pricing

  2. Click + Add to add a pricing policy  

  1. Input a Label

  2. Select a Currency 

  3. Select a Rule to be set by Person or by Item. If the rule is set by person, select an Identity and enter a Price

  4. Click Add and view your result under the Add button

  5. When the rules are all set, click Create

  1. Repeat the previous steps for a “Weekend Departure” pricing policy (per the above example). When finished adding both pricing policies, it will be displayed in the Select pricing policy section as above.


  • Linking Sales Option to Pricing Policy 

  1. Select Weekly as Time Type and click Sat and Sun to disable weekends

  2. Click Add to link

  • Hint:

    • Specific Date is suitable for setting prices for special occasions.

    • Date Range is suitable for setting a price for a particular time period.

Remark: If there are multiple sales options, clicking Next will go to the next sales option. Please finish adding a pricing policy for all sales options before moving to the next section.

  • Add Session (Every sales option requires different calendar settings)

The selected sales option will be highlighted in blue followed by all the pricing policies associated with this sales option.

Note: To switch to different sales options, click on the sales option for which you want to start adding sessions.

  1. Scroll down to Session Settings and enter seats provided each day for this product in Availability

  2. Select the period available for sale in Open (from - to)

  3. Select the starting time and duration in Session Time Slot

  4. Click Add  

Note: The session added will be shown under the Add button. The order of sessions is adjustable by clicking the up and down arrows, and sessions are removable by clicking the bin icon.

  1. Leave the value in Apply to as the default setting

Note: All the days of the week are selected and the time period is set to 8:00 PM–5:00 PM by default. If you wish to adjust and apply the same settings to multiple days more efficiently, you can change the time on Monday and click Copy this to all.
If there are resources needed for this session, continue to add resources in Resource.

  1. Click + Add 

  1. Input the resource name in Name

  2. Select your desired TypeUsage time length, and Earliest available time

  3. Select your desired Resource occupation rule and Mode

  4. Enter the number of resources available in Availability

  5. Click Create 

  1. Click the + icon 

  1. Select the resource you just created and click Confirm 

  1. Review the selected resource and click Next 

  1. Preview the session setting and click Save 

The status ON indicates the product is available for booking.

Note: If you don’t see a product newly added to the sales calendar, click Reload to refresh the page and try viewing again. 

  • Image/Video


  1. Drag image files to the upload area or upload from your computer

  2. The first image is set as the page’s cover photo

  3. Click Next

Note: The cover photo is presented on MySite as shown below.



  1. Copy and paste your YouTube video URL

Hint: The URL site format must be to add video.




MySite Homepage Setup - Sell Online > MySite

  • Browser Tab Icon

  1. Go to Sell Online > MySite.

  2. Upload an image to use as a browser tab icon (optional) 

Browser Tab Icon on MySite

  • Header Title

  1. Select to use a Store Name or Logo

Hint: If you wish to change the store name, please go to Settings > General to edit.Store Name on Mysite
Logo on Mysite


  1. Upload an image to use as your MySite banner (Recommended Size 1920 * 600)

  2. Enter in a Banner HeadlineBanner Subheadline, and Banner Link

Note: If there is a banner link added, your customer will be directed to the link after clicking the banner image on MySite. 

You may display it as a Full Image or in the  Recommend Size


How it looks on MySite with a banner uploaded




  • Shopping Cart

    • After toggling the blue button on, guests will be allowed to buy multiple products at the same time in your store.


  • Currency / Language Menu

  1. Select your preferred Currency and Language

*Any chosen currency option will be accessible for transactions

*Our platform allows users to toggle between different language interfaces except for individual content that requires manual translation


  • MySite Introduction

    • For the Title and Introduction, be aware the content you enter will affect SEO performance and search results ranking


  • MySite Tracking

    • You may insert the Google Analytics ID and Facebook Pixel ID to track your store on these platforms.

If you would like to display additional information,  you can add information in the custom footer section. This content can link to other pages through a hyperlink.

  1. Input desired content into a text box (This will display on the footer)

  2. If there is a site link, check the Hyperlink box and enter the URL

  3. When done adding, click Save or Save & Preview



Footer & Custom Footer on MySite


  • About Us

  1. Input desired info into the Details About Us text box



MySite Theme Design - Sell Online > Theme Design

Now let’s go to Theme Design to adjust the color scheme of your MySite


In the color setting, you can adjust the color scheme of your MySite: main colorauxiliary color main text colorauxiliary text color, and button color.

  1. When you finish adjusting, click Save or Save & Preview

Preview: To preview your changes, please go to Sell Online > MySite and click Save & Preview.

Congratulations! Your booking site is now live!

Let’s try to make our own store now.



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