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This article will guide you through the essential steps to get your tour or activity online and ready to sell within minutes. Learn how to create a product, create a calendar inventory, and set up your customized website in less than 10 minutes !


Store Setup - Settings > General 

Log in to rezio Admin and complete all required store settings. 

  • Set up your Store

Before starting to create a product, you must complete various settings related to your store. For example: Basic, Regional, MySite Payment Settings, Closed Date (Tour), Closed Date (Office), and Legal. Click the tabs to start setting up your store. 

Please refer to: 


You have now finished your store’s basic setup. Let’s keep going and add a product!

Product Setup - Product > Add Product 

  • Add Product

Go to Product > Add Product or click + Add in the Product List.

Firstly, select your product’s Category. You can select “Day tour“ or “Activity” according to your product. If your product’s category is Ticket, we provide two different categories. 

  • If you select “Ticket”you must create a session for the product. You can also set your ticket validity date by the date selected by customers or by a specific date. 

  • If you select “Ticket (No Sessions)”, you need to link tickets to a specific product. You will then be able to manage the total number of tickets through Ticket Quota.

Note: For further information on the above note, please refer to Admin Category | Ticket (No Sessions).


Fill in the basic information of this product. The fields marked with * are required fields, including Language, Product Name, Region, Time Zone, and Currency. 

  • Language – The default language will follow your store’s language. 

  • Product Name – Fill in the product’s official name. 

  • Product Alias (optional) – Only for internal use and will only appear in the rezio admin. 

  • Product Code (optional) – Fill your product code (4~30 characters). You can also leave it blank for the system to generate one for you. 

Note: The product code can be set up by yourself, or the system will generate a unique 6 character code. If you set up your own code, you cannot use the same code for different products.

  • Timezone – The default timezone will follow your store’s timezone. Other time-related settings in this product will be based on this time zone. 

  • Region – After selecting the region, the Country/Territory below will automatically display the corresponding countries according to the region you chose. 

  • Main Location / Landmark (optional) –  You can select one location / landmark and it will be displayed on the home page of MySite.

  • More Locations / Landmark (optional) –  You can select more than one location / landmark and it will be displayed on the product page. 

Example: When this product is displayed on the home page of MySite, the system will display the location according to the most specific region of your product. As shown in the figure below, if the Main Location / Landmark is “Sydney, Australia”, the home page will display “Sydney, Australia”. If you leave it blank, it will display the Country/Territory, which is “Australia”. And if the country is blank as well, the home page will display the Region which is “Oceania”.

Home page of MySite:

When you click the Product Page, you can see the complete Location / Landmark.

  • Currency – The default currency will follow your store’s currency. If you have allow other currencies in Sell Online > MySite, the currency set here in the product will be used as the basis when converting to other currencies. 

  • Your Notification Email Settings  – You can select notify all Store Administrators and Users when an order is booked. You can also send Custom emails by filling their email (can fill multiple emails) or select Don’t send email notifications. 

  • The Travel Reminder for Your Customers  – You can set whether want to send a travel reminder before the departure date or not. You can select Do not send, Send one day prior or Send three days prior to the departure date. 

  • Vendor  – You can mark the supplier of this product. This is only for internal use and will not be displayed on the MySite. 

After you have set all the necessary settings, click Create and a product has been successfully created. You will then continue the Product Setup. A product status of In Progress will appear besides the product name. 


Remark: Once the product is created, you will not be able to change the Category, Language, Timezone, Location, and Currency settings. Please ensure your product's basic settings are correct before continuing.

  • The section tabs marked with a ★ are required steps to launch your product. rezio will remind you how many required steps are left on the top-right corner. A green checkmark will appear on the tab when you have completed that section. 

  • When all requirements are completed, “All Done. Ready to Go!” will appear and your product status will change to  Available until.

To preview the product page, click the Preview button. To hide previews, click on the monitor icon. When in preview mode, input text on the left column, and the preview is displayed on the right column. 


Please refer to: 

  • Admin Product | Product Setup: Basic Settings for more information regarding Product Introduction, Sales Option, Taxes & Fees, Cancellation Policy, Deposit, Booking Info, Publish Settings, Add Pricing, Add Session, Image/Video, and other related information. After you finish your product settings, you can publish your product!

  • Admin Product | Product Setup: Additional Settings for more information regarding Itinerary, Location, Pickup, Guide Services, Price Details, Add-on Items, Tags and other related information. After finishing this additional settings, your product will become more complete! 


Finish setting up your products, only MySite settings are left! 


MySite Homepage Setup - Sell Online > MySite

Log in to rezio Admin to start setting up your MySite. 

  • Design MySite

Before starting to design your homepage, you need to activate your booking website first when you log in for the first time. 

  1. Fill in your desired website URL. As your booking website must be unique, click URL Check after filling your URL to ensure your booking website has not been used before.

  2. If the URL has passed the checking, click Activate URL.

Note: If you want to enable your website right away, toggle on the button above the MySite URL.

  1. You can choose to upload your Browser Tab Icon. 

Note: The tab icon will be displayed as below.

After activating your website URL, you can start setting up your MySite. 

Note: For more information and complete setup, please refer to the MySite Design & Settings.

  1. Header Title: You can either select Store Name or place your Logo on the header of your homepage. 

Note: To change your Store Name, please go to Settings > General > Store Information to modify them.

  1. If you select Enable Distribution Inquiries Form (only available to RISE plan and above), it will appear in the upper menu bar. If you also enable About Us or other Custom Menu, it will also appear here. 

  2. If you Enable the shopping cart, Display currency menu or Display language menu, it will appear in the upper right corner. 

  3. If you uploaded Banner images, it will appear right below the menu bar. 

  4. Your MySite Introduction will appear beneath the Banner. 

  5. The options selected for Custom Footer and Extended Footer will be displayed at the bottom of your home page. 

  6. If you Enable the Contact Form, Contact Us button will appear on your MySite. 

Once your booking site is set up, you're ready to start taking orders!

Order Management - Orders > Booking Calendar 

Log in to rezio Admin to view your booking calendar. You will be able to see which bookings are going to start or leave each day. 

  • You can choose to view the data by Weekly or Daily. Click < or > near the date to see different dates on the calendar. You can also click on the date to choose a specific date.


  • If the booking has an outer frame, it means it is an Allday session.

  • When clicking on an order, the page will enter the order details. 

Note: For more information, please refer to Admin Order | Order Management.

Congratulations! Your booking site is now live!



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