This guide will provide step-by-step explanations on how to create your own customized voucher in Rezio Admin including adding and editing custom voucher templates.

Settings > Custom Voucher Template

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Custom Voucher Template to start creating your vouchers.

  • Voucher template editor

        The voucher template editor consists of the following features.

  • Toolbar

The toolbar is equipped with similar functions like other document editing software.

  • Background Image

You can upload an image as the background design of the voucher. It is required to upload with a URL.

  • Component

There are many components to choose from that could be used on the voucher template. When using components, the code for the components will display in the editor but only the code result will be shown on the voucher. 

  • Remark: When the component {{Product Name}} is used in the voucher editor, the product name shown on the voucher will change automatically according to the product it is linked to. The same goes for the other components. It is recommended to indicate the title beside each component to provide enough details for your customers.
  • Example: The voucher template example below will be shown in the next section.

  • Adding custom voucher templates
  1. Click +Add.
  2. Enter voucher template name in Label.
  3. Insert Table. (Using tables can avoid formatting issues.)
  4. Right-click on the table and select Table properties to adjust table size.
  5. Set Border Width. (When the border width is set to 0, there won’t be any borderline.)
  6. Select the first row, right-click and select Cell > Merge cells to merge cells.

  1. Place the logo in the first row and click Component.
  2. Select Logo.
  3. Place the logo component in the first row and center text.
  4. Add product details you would like to provide on the voucher in the first column.
  5. Click Component to add the corresponding product details in the second column.
  6. Select the fifth to seventh row, right-click and select Cell > Merge cells to merge cells.
  7. Enter “Please present QR Code upon arrival” in the fifth row, add the QR code component in the sixth row and center text.
  8. Insert image in the seventh row.
  9. Enter image URL in Source.
  10. Set Width to 100% and leave Height blank.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Follow the previous steps to add other information you would like to provide your customers.
  13. After finished editing, click Save & Preview.

  • Your customized voucher is all done!

  • Editing custom voucher templates
  1. When you have done editing, click on Voucher Template Editor to return to Voucher Templates.
  2. To edit voucher templates, click on Edit beside the voucher label and start editing.
  3. To return to Rezio Admin, click Back to Admin.