This guide will explain how you can adjust the number of tickets in stock and export the issued ticket report in rezio Admin 


Ticket > Ticket Quota

Enter rezio Admin to check and adjust the inventory.

  • View Ticket Quota

  1. In Ticket Quota, you may browse the sales and remaining quantity of all tickets. You may also filter the specific tickets you need. Low Quota Display Settings will flag when the quantity is lower than the set value with a yellow rectangle. 
  2. If you need to adjust the ticket quota, click Edit on the right side. Please note that the adjusted number is the total number of tickets, which must be greater than the number of tickets sold. 
  3. Ticket quota edit history, including User and Edit Time, will be displayed beneath the page.

  • Ticket Sales Report

Here, you may view the ticket with a filter of the range of generating time and ticket status. Click Export CSV to download and view more information。

Only after the ticket has been issued will the report be displayed, if not, it will not be displayed on this page.