Channel Management | Viator: Setting your Channel Product

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This guide is intended to guide you on synchronizing your products and managing your orders through rezio admin.  



Channel Viator - Setting Up A Product in the Channel

  • Add Product to the Channel

  1. Go to Channel Manager and click Product Info to manage the products in this channel. 

  2. Click + Add Product at the upper-right corner to add the product to the channel.

Note-- Connection type: As there are the same products in both rezio and Viator, product mapping can be done through both platforms for product synchronization management. 

  • Adding Product

Click +Add Product and select the products you want to add, then click Confirm. The system will check whether or not the product meets the specifications of Viator.

Product Rules & Restrictions

  1. The Voucher Type must be one of the following: None, Rezio Voucher, or Custom Voucher.

  2. Use Rezio QR Code must be selected for Voucher Redemption Code

  3. Country/Region must be set

  4. Viator does not support the Product Category of Ticket (No Sessions)


  1. Go back to the Product Info page and you can see the Connection Status of the product you just selected.

  2. Click on Settings to start editing.


  1. If the Connection Status of the product states Channel Spec Not Compliant, the content that needs to be changed will be displayed at the top of the page. Click Edit Product to edit the product. Please edit the relevant settings according to the rules.

  2. After editing, go back to the previous page and click Recheck Specs.


  1. If the product complies with all the rules, the connection status will state Awaiting Setup. 

  2. Set the Channel Specs to be the same as the rezio product’s Identity.

  3. Click Save. After it is successfully saved, click Connect to complete the setting of the channel.


When it is connected, the status will state Channel Connected, and you can head to the Viator backend to connect the product.



Viator Supplier Management Backend > Product

  1. Sale start and end times must be set on Viator products. For the timing of your experience, please select Start Times. 

  2. We recommend choosing Instant confirmation as your booking confirmation method on both rezio and Viator backends. At the moment, Manual confirmation is not supported. 

  3. Go to the Viator backend and select the product you want to be connected to and go to the Product connection tab to select the corresponding rezio product. Click Connect

  4. After the setting is completed, Viator order information and inventory will be synced with rezio in real time. 。

Notes:Session Settings
Session with Time Slot on rezio = Start times on Viator
Allday Session on rezio = Opening hours on Viator or Coordinated start times on Viator




  • Search For A Product in A Channel

  1. Go to Channel Manager > Channel > Product Info, and use the filters to find the product you want to manage.

  2. In the Connection Status, you can see the status of all products. 

  3. To disconnect a product, click Select, choose the product you want to delete, then click Delete to disconnect.

Reminder: After the product is deleted, the existing orders from the channel can no longer be synchronized with the channel transaction, and subsequent new orders cannot be imported to the rezio backend!


  • Update the Session’s Activation Status

  1. If you close a product in the rezio/Viator channel, the same product in Viator will be closed simultaneously.

  2. If you close a sales option or session on the rezio admin, the same product and session of Viator will be closed simultaneously.



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