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This page will explain how to upload your product data and supply it to KKday Marketplace Channel.

Add your product to the channel

1. Channel > KKday Marketplace - Product Info

2. Add Product (upper right)

3. Select the product you want to add to the channel, and then click Confirm

4. Add Product Result: The system will auto-check if your product settings meet the channel specifications first, and then you can click Confirm

Set up your product subcategories

1. Click Settings on the right side

2. Click Listed Product Category, and then select 1~3 tags as the product subcategories.

Check your product selling price in the channel & start supplying

1. Scroll down the page to Set up Channel Price, tick All Same as Price to apply to all of your sales options, and then click Save.

2. The system will pop up a reminder window After clicking Save. Please click Start Supplying, and your product data will be uploaded to KKday Marketplace channel.

3. Once your product's Connection Status turns to Awaiting Publish, the product data will be reviewed by Product Quality Review Team. Please anticipate 1~3 working daysto get the publish result.

4. If your product is published successfully, the product's Connection Status turns to Synced. You can click the Channel Product URL to see your product page on KKday. 

About Add Product Result

Add Product Result: The system will auto-check if your product settings meet the channel specifications. 

If your product is Channel Spec Not Compliant or Failed Supply, please go to Settings to check the reasons. You can Click Recheck Specs after editing your product settings.

About Channel Connection Status

  • Awaiting Setup: It means you haven't set up your product subcategories and checked the channel price yet. Please click Settings and follow the steps mentioned above to upload your product data.

  • Awaiting Supply: It means you've done the settings but not pressed the Start Supplying button. Please click Settings > Start Supplying to upload your product data to the channel.

  • Awaiting Publish: It means your product data is under review by KKday Product Review Team. Please anticipate 1~3 working days to get the published result.

  • Synced: It means your product is published and selling on KKday platform. You can toggle the button to delist or relist the product yourself.

  • Channel Spec Not Compliant: It means your product settings do not comply with the channel specifications. Please follow the steps mentioned above to revise your settings.

FAQ: Why I can't add my product to KKday Marketplace Channel?

KKday Marketplace only accepts product currency in USD/SGD (should be the same as your Channel Currency) and Rezio Voucher. 

1. How to check my Channel Currency?

  • Channel > KKday Marketplace - Channel Currency 

2. Please refer to the below path to see if your product settings are incorrect.

  • Edit Product > Basic Info > Currency: If your product currency is not USD/SGD, please create a new product as currency setting cannot be changed.

  • Edit Product > Publish Settings > Voucher Settings > Voucher Type: Please choose Rezio Voucher.

  • If you fall into one of the two situations, please make changes and try it again.

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