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This guide is intended to walk you through the inventory management features in rezio Admin, covering calendar navigation, product filtering, and session creation/editing.


Publish > Sales Calendar

Log in to rezio Admin and enter the sales calendar to start managing your inventory.


  • Viewing your Products in Sales Calendar

The Sales Calendar will display the products on MySite in the form of a calendar. You can choose to view the data by Weekly or Daily. Click < or > near the date to see different dates on the calendar. You can also click on the date to choose a specific date. 

If you view the Calendar on a Weekly basis, 

  1. The first line of the entire block is the Product Code and Product Name.

  2. Below the Product Name, the Sales Option of the product is listed. The blue switch on the left indicates that it is on sale, and the gray switch indicates that the product is not on sale or unavailable. 

  3. The grid on the right shows the product’s sessions, each session’s price, how many inventory available (total inventory of all sessions on that date), and how many are booked so far.

If the newly added product does not appear in the sales calendar, click Reload and the new product will be displayed shortly. 



  • Filtering products

  1. On the Sales Calendar, click Filter.

  2. Select ON or OFF to begin filtering through products.

Note: Only products that have been setup will appear in the Sales Calendar. When set to ON, only products on sale appear; when set to OFF, products not available for sale on MySite appear.

  1. Enter product name or code to search.

  2. Check the boxes for the products you would like to view.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Click x sign to leave.

  5. Click Clear to clear filters.


  • Adding sessions 

You can add sessions to any selected sales option. Different sales options under the same product will have to be modified individually, and the setup process is the same as when you're editing the product.

  1. On the Sales Calendar, click +Add.

  2. Click on the drop-down list to find your desired product. You can type keywords to filter or simply navigate through the list.

  3. Select the product to which you would like to add sessions.

    The sales options bound with the product will be shown on the next page. The selected sales option is highlighted in blue and followed by all the pricing policies associated with this sales option.

Note: To switch to different sales options, click on the desired sales option to add sessions to or edit it.

  1. If the availability type of this sales option is By Session, you must enter the Availability of each session.

  2. Select the period available for sale in Session Time Range (from - to).

Remark: For tickets, the session time range cannot exceed the ticket validity date.

  1. Session Time Slot: Select All Day or uncheck the box to create sessions in a specific time slot.

  2. Click Add, and the session will appear in the section below.

Note: The session added will be shown under the Add button. You need to add in the session time slot for every session. The order of sessions is adjustable by clicking the up and down arrows and removable by clicking the bin icon. 

  1. You can leave the value in Apply to as the default setting or choose the days and times of the week when the sessions will be available.  For example, if the sessions are for weekdays only, you can click on Sat and Sun to disable weekends (blue = enabled, grey = disabled).

  2. If there are resources needed for this session, continue to Resource to add some.

Note: For more details on adding resources, please go to Admin Settings | Resource Management.

  1. After you have completed all the settings, click on Save to preview the Sales Calendar. If everything is correct, click Save again to continue.


The sessions created will be shown on the sales calendar on the next page. The status ON indicates it’s available for booking.

Note: If you don’t see a newly added product on the sales calendar, try viewing again by clicking Reload to refresh the page.


  • Modifying Sessions

  1. On the Sale Calendar, find the product sales option session you would like to edit on the weekly view, and click on the availability on a given date.

  2. Click on the session you would like to edit and enter edit mode. 

Note: Once in edit mode, all the sales option sessions of the product selected will be shown on the selected date. 

  1. Click on the toggle button to switch the session mode.

Note: When the toggle button is switched ON (indicated in blue), the session is available for booking. If the toggle button is switched to OFF (indicated in gray), the session is unavailable for booking.

  1. If you switch a session from ON to OFF or vice versa, an alert message will pop up. You can choose to stop selling for All SessionsThis Session and Following Sessions, or Only This Session; or click Cancel to return to edit mode.

Remark: If you have turned a session OFF, you can always come back to edit mode and turn it back ON at any time

  1. You can modify this session’s Price and Availability. When you have finished editing, click Save to confirm the change or Cancel if you don’t want to make any changes.

Remark: You can also modify your sessions in the Availability Calendar.
You can only start batch editing the price and availability of a session after the next day. For today’s sessions, as it has already started, you can only modify today’s price and availability. However, starting from the next day, an Edit Session Settings is available, meaning price or availability changes can be applied to This Session and All Sessions After or All Sessions from the next day. 

  1. To delete a session click Delete. An alert message will pop up prompting you to delete Only This SessionAll Sessions at This Start Time, or This Session and All Following Sessions; or click Cancel to return to edit mode.

Remark: After the sessions were deleted, if you want to add new sessions, go to the Product > Edit Product > Add Session and proceed to add the new session to the calendar. Please make sure the previous sessions have been deleted before adding new sessions. 


  1. To add new internal orders for the selected session, click New Order. To view all the orders that are booked for a selected session, click View Orders

Note: For more details on adding new orders, please go to Admin Order | Add New Orders.


  1. Edit Session Settings: when you select a future date instead of the current or past date, you can click here to edit all sessions of a sales option. Click Edit Session Settings and follow the same steps for adding sessions. For more details, please refer to Admin Publish | Sales Calendar: Modify On-Shelf Products

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