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This article will help you use a resource calendar to revise the amount of inventory of a resource.  Let’s get started on creating your own calendar.


Publish > Resource Calendar

Go to rezio Admin to begin using a resource calendar.

  • How to View a Resource Calendar

After creating different products in your store, you may have a lot of resources. After you open the resource calendar, select the resource you want to edit (multiple choice is allowed). Resources will display on a single day calendar.

Description: If no resources are available, please go to  Settings: Resource first to set up resources. Then you will be able to preview how the resources will appear in the resource calendar.

  1. The date will display by default. Click the left or right arrow to cycle to your required date.
  2. The name of the resource, mode of the resource (Single or Group), Earliest available time, and Resource usage duration will all be indicated.
  3. The green area represents the usage time, and will show the earliest time slot. If the usage time for this resource is All Day, then the entire resource area will appear in green from 00:00. 
  4. Hover the cursor over the green area marked by a darker, dotted green line. Each marked out area represents a time slot that is available. 

    Description: In the example below, the earliest use time is 09:00. The shortest use time is 4 hours, so each dotted area will span 4 hours. Click the dotted area, after which you can view the resource’s details. 

  • Edit Resource

Just as you edit the sales calendar, you may edit the resource of a resource’s specific time slot. After editing, the system will calculate the correct inventory automatically.

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