This section is intended to guide you through rezio Admin in customizing and designing your MySite.


Sell Online > MySite 

Log in to rezio Admin and enter MySite to start customizing your booking site.

  • Enabling MySite

On the MySite page, click on the toggle switch at the top to enable (blue) or disable (gray) your MySite. 

  • Browser Tab Icon

You can upload an icon image to make your site stand out among browser tabs.

  • Header Title

  1. Select to use either a Store Name or Logo 

    Hint: If you ever wish to change the store name, go to Settings > General and edit.

  1. Select how you would like to display the image

  2. Upload a photo (recommended size: 1920 x 600 pixels)

  3. Enter the Banner Headline, Subheadline, and Link

  4. Click Add and the image will appear below. You can upload multiple images and change the order of images too 

Banner on MySite:

  • Product Image Slideshow

This setting sets the size for images on all product pages’ image carousels. Images themselves are added when setting up individual products.

  • Shopping Cart

Toggle the switch to change the status of the Shopping Cart, as per the description (blue = enabled, grey = disabled).

  • Tags

Click + to select the tags to appear on the home page of your MySite. Customers will be able to filter products using these tags.

  • Currency Menu and Language Menu

When enabled, these menus will appear at the upper right corner of MySite, allowing your customer to switch to their preferred currency and language.

  1. Toggle the switch to change the status of the menu (blue = enabled, grey = disabled)

  2. Click + to add a currency or language you want to appear as options on MySite 

  • Contact Form

If you enable the Contact Form, a “Contact Us” link will appear at the bottom right corner of MySite so that your customer can send inquiries.

Contact Us form on MySite:

  • Distribution Inquiries

If you are using a rezio Rise plan or above, you can enable this form to accept distribution inquiries.

Distribution Inquries form on MySite:

  • Cancel Order Button

If you enable this feature, your customer will be able to submit an application to cancel orders on the “Check My Order” page.

  • Custom Menu

If you enable this feature, you can add extra links at the top menu of MySite.

  1. Toggle the switch to enable a custom menu (blue = enabled, grey = disabled)

  2. Enter the title of your desired menu

  3. Enter an option name to appear within the menu. Then add a link, and click Add. The option will appear below.  You can add multiple options and links and change the order in which they appear, too

Custom Menu on MySite:

If you would like to display additional information that’s not included in the display section,  you have the option to add information in a custom footer section.

  1. Click + to select from the default Footer Options

  2. You can also toggle the switch to Enable Extended Footer switch (blue = enabled, grey = disable)

  3. Fill in info to appear in the footer. If the column text field is empty, even if you add a hyperlink, the option will not appear

  4. Check the Hyperlink box and enter your desired URL for the given option

Footer on MySite:

  • MySite Introduction

Enter the Title and Introduction Text to inform customers about your services and products. This content will appear under the banner section on MySite.

  • About Us

When enabled, an “About Us” link will appear at the top menu.  Enter text here to tell customers about your company.

  • MySite Tracking

Enter your Google Analytics ID or Facebook Pixel ID if you wish to track visitors to your MySite.

  • Save & Preview

Once you have completed all settings, click Save & Preview to see the results. Note that it takes time after publishing (roughly 5 minutes) for the changes you make to actually appear on MySite.

  • Translation

If you wish to provide a multilingual interface for a foreign audience, you can also translate your MySite into different languages in rezio Admin.

  1. Go to Settings > Translation

  2. Click on MySite to begin setting up translations 

  1. Click + and select the languages you would like to translate, and then click Confirm 

  1. Begin translating in the corresponding text box of a given language

  2. When you have finished translating, click Save 

    Note: For more details related to translation, please see Admin Settings | Translation for more information.

Sell Online > Theme Design

When you have completed adjusting your MySite homepage, go to Sell Online > Theme Design to customize your color scheme.

  • Color Settings

In Color Settings, you can adjust the color tone of your MySite: main color, auxiliary color, main text color, auxiliary text color, and button color.

Click Reference to view an example of how each color option is applied to MySite. Click Confirm to return to the color settings.

Example: The rezio default color settings are shown below as an example.

  1. Click on a color box to open a color palette

  2. Click around the color palette, or enter the hex code to change colors

  3. When you have found your desired color, click Save or Save & Preview  

  • Calendar Style Settings

Have the option to use either a Common Style or Japanese Style calendar. If you choose Japanese Style, please enter the Low Availability Settings by percentage or by amount. When a session’s availability is lower the amount you set, a triangle will appear on the calendar.

  • Availability Display Settings

You can choose to display the remaining availability under each session. This will appear in the customer’s order process as seen the image below.