This guide is intended to help you walk through the built-in text editor in Rezio Admin which covers basic text formatting and editing functions.

Rezio - Text Editor Guide

Text Editor Introduction

  1. On the top is the text editor toolbar.

  2. To hide or show the toolbar, click the ^ icon.

  3. To hide or show preview, click the monitor icon or the window icon.

  1. The input field is in the left column and the preview field is in the right column. The text input and formatted in the input field will be displayed in the preview field.

Create a new line

To create a new line, press the space bar twice at the end of the text and press enter. 

Create multiple new lines

To create multiple new lines, enter   before pressing enter. 

Start a new paragraph

To start a new paragraph, press enter twice at the end of the text. 


To create a table, click on the eighth icon in the toolbar counting from the left and edit the data to your liking.


To create a hyperlink, select text and click on the ninth icon in the toolbar counting from the left then place the link in the parentheses.