This guide is intended to provide basic instructions on how new orders are added in Rezio Admin and how they can be checked on MySite.

Orders > Add Order

Login to Rezio Admin and navigate to Add Order to start adding orders.

  • How to add an order

1. You can enter the order calendar or order list on the web or APP, and then click Add, or

2. Click on the new order directly from the main menu to enter.

  • New order

  1. Go to Orders > Add Order.
  2. Select Product, Sales Option, Departure Date and Session.
  3. Click + sign to add quantity or the - sign to minus quantity.
  4. Fill in Customer First Name, Customer Last Name, Customer E-mail and Special Requirements from Customer (optional).
  5. Click Create and the system will automatically switch to Order Detail.

The newly created order is set to the status of "New & Unpaid" by default. You can continue to edit the content of the order or perform other order actions.

The following will explain how to fill in the complete customer information and booking information. For more instructions, please refer to the Order Management.

  • Fill in customer information

6. Navigate to Contact Info. tab in Order Detail.

7.Fill in the customer information. (Columns marked with * are required.)

8.Click to Save

  • Fill in the booking information

9. Navigate to Booking Info. in Order Detail.

10. Choose an option for Pickup and Guide Service.

11. Fill in participant information (optional) and click Save.

For more details on the functions under order detail page, please go to Managing Your Orders.