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This guide will provide a step-by-step explanation on how to navigate your dashboard in Rezio Admin, including how to view upcoming bookings and current performance.



Dashboard > My Dashboard

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter My Dashboard.

  • Performance

User can select this section’s reporting period through the upper right button next to the date updated. After choosing the period, click GO. The dashboard will then display the orders, orders redeemed, and best-selling products ranking based on the store’s sales.


The Last 7 days and Last 30 days time period also include today. 

The value of the orders on the card is expressed in the store's default currency, thus the amount may be slightly inaccurate due to exchange rate fluctuations. If you want to adjust the currency display on the dashboard, please go to the Settings > General > Regional to edit it. 

To modify the placement of cards, please click your Account Name in the upper right corner and click System Account. 




  • Orders and Redemptions Quick View

This section provides users with a quick overview of Recent Orders and Redemptions Today. 

  • Upcoming: Listed in order from the soonest activity date at the top. 

  • Recent Orders: Listen in order from the newest order date at the top. 

  • Redemptions Today: Listed in order from the biggest number of vouchers redeemed for the day at the top. 

    • In the Recent Orders tab, the order details of each booking listed (from left to right) are the Departure Date, Session Time, Name, Sales Option, Booking Status, and Payment Status. 

    • In the Redemptions Today tab, the redemption details of each booking listed (from left to right) are the Product Code, Product Name, Sales Option, Ticket Type, Total QR Codes, and Redemption Times. 

    • Click the Load more … +  button to display more orders records. 

  • To view and edit order details, click on a booking to view the Order Details. For more information, please refer to Admin Order | Add New Orders

  • On the right of Quick View, you can click on the category you want to view. 

  • Once you click it, you will enter the Order List and now you can filter your orders. 

  • System Account

  1. If you want to edit your account information and password, click your Account Name in the upper right corner, then click System Account

  2. You can edit your First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, and Language. 

  3. You can also edit the order in which the Performance cards appear in the Dashboard. The Card Position Sample is shown on the right, you can used it as reference in sorting your cards suitable to your needs. 

  4. Click Save to complete the edit. 

Note: As Email is linked to your account’s information and log in, it can’t be edited. 



  • Change Password

  1. Go to System Account and click Change Password. 

  2. Enter your Current Password.

  3. Enter your New Password .

  4. Confirm your password once again by entering your Confirm Password.

  5. Click Save to complete the edit. 


Since the Admin backend has many functions, you can set up Quick Links for your most-used functions in the main menu. 

In the rezio admin menu, the functions are collapsed by default. A single click to the menu can opened all functions in that menu. Using Quick Links provides you with a shortcut directly to that function, bypassing the need to click the menu first.

  • Setting your Quick Links 

  1. Click your Account Name in the upper right corner, then click Quick Links Settings. 

  2. Click + to add your preferred functions. 

  3. Click X Remove All to delete all the functions that you don’t prefer. 

  4. Click the X next to the function name to remove that particular function. 

  5. Click the function to add them to your Quick Links .

  6. Click Confirm to complete the edit.

  7. Click  to sort the functions one place higher. 

  8. Click ↓ to sort the functions one place lower. 

  9. Click Save to complete your edit. 

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