This guide will explain how to design an exclusive booking button for the itinerary in Rezio Admin, and then embed it in an external website or blog.


Sell Online > Booking Button

Log in to Rezio Admin to design your booking button.

  • Set links and styles

You can create a booking button for a product or a sales option under selected product.

  1. Click Select Product to open the product list.

  1. You can use keywords to search for the product.

  1. Click the product you want to use, and then click Apply.

  1. After selecting the product, the link and codes will be generated automatically on the right side, and you can further select the sales option under this product.

Note:If you don’t select any sales option, the link will open to the product booking page directly, allowing customers to choose the sales option by themselves, as shown below:

If there is a sales option selected, the link will open the sales option's booking screen, allowing customers to choose the session by themselves, as shown below :

  1. You can copy the URL in Preview Link and add it to your website, or

  1. Use the booking button, which you can also customize the text to be displayed.

  1. You can set the Button Type to be a button or hyperlinked text, select the text color and button color.

  1. All the changes you make will be displayed in the Preview Style sections on the right.

  1. Once you have completed the settings, click Copy Code.

  1. You can paste the code on your official website or blog, and customers can directly enter the Rezio booking process after clicking.

  • Custom UTM Tracking Code

If you use Google Analytics to track website traffic, you can also add UTM parameters to the booking button.

  1. Click the switch of custom UTM parameters, blue is enabled
  2. Enter the Campaign Source parameters (required), and other required fields