This guide is intended to help you walk through the resource management in Rezio Admin which covers adding, filtering and editing your resources.

Settings > Resource

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Resource to start managing.

  • Adding resources

    • Click +Add to start setting

  1. Fill in the resource name.

  1. Select the resource type.

  1. Select Resource usage duration, if it's used for full day, click to enable Whole-Day Resource (blue = enabled).


Resource usage duration: the total time from preparing the resource to finish using it.

Example: For a horse riding activity, the horse is set as a resource. The usage time length for this resource might be the time needed to take the horse out of stable → clean up the horse → saddle the horse → the horse is used by the customer → clean up horse after activity → returns the horse to the stable.

  1. Choose the earliest available time of the day.

  1. Choose Resource Occupation Rules.


Allocate one resource per person/item: Regardless of identity (adult, child etc.), each person uses one resource.

Allocate resource by identity occupation: Allocate the quantity according to the identity in the sales option. For example, if an adult takes up 2 seats, one adult will require 2 resource items. 

  1. Select if this is a single resource or group resource (you can add options under a group resource).

  1. Enter the Availability of this resource.

  1. Click Create, and then it can be used in your products under Session tab.

  • Set up group resources

  1. If this resource can be divided into different options, please select group resource for the mode.

  1. Enter the resource item name

  1. Enter availability

  1. Click Add, and the item will appear below.

  • Search and modify resources

    • You can use tag keywords, itinerary, or drop-down selection type to filter existing resources

  1. Click on the label name to enter the editing screen


  1. After editing, click Sav(Cancel will not access this edit)

Reminder : Any modification will affect all itineraries that have been bound to this resource

  1. Click Delete, this label will be deleted

Reminder : The resources of the bound itinerary cannot be deleted. You can click View Binding Products above to view the details.