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This guide is intended to help you on how to set up the redemption permission for individual users or for groups in rezio Admin.


Settings > Redemption Permission Settings

Log in to rezio Admin to manage redemption permission.


  • Forced Redemption

If the category of the product is a ticket, some tickets that are Not allowed redemption before sessionExpired tickets cannot be redeemed, or Don’t allow repeated redemptions by the same user account, can still be redeemed by using the Forced Redemption setting, bypassing these restrictions. 

By default, this function is disabled. To enable this function, it is recommended to choose Limited to selected users and select at least one user that can force redeem any vouchers. If you prefer to give the redemption permission to all store users, select Open to all users. 

Note: If the voucher has set a Number of Times for Redemption, the ticket will not be able to be redeemed nor forced redeemed once the number of times have reached the limit.

If the user has the forced redemption permission, when they want to redeem a voucher with restrictions such as Not allowed redemption before sessionExpired tickets cannot be redeemed, or Don’t allow repeated redemptions by the same user account, a confirmation message will pop up whether to Force Redeem or not. Clicking Confirm will redeem the voucher if the user is authorized for Force Redeem. If not authorized, the redemption will fail.

  • Redemption Permission Group 

If you want to limit redemption permission to only some specific users to redeem specific products, you can use the Redemption Permission Group feature. 

Note: Currently, the Redemption Permission Group is only available for tickets that are bound to products with the category Ticket (No Session). Regarding the set up, please refer to Admin Tickets.

  1. Go to the Redemption Permission Group tab, click +Add.

  2. Fill in the Redemption Permission Group Name, click +Add, select the users to be linked to the group, click OK and Create to complete the operation.

  3. In the Redemption Permission Group list, click the Group Name to edit. 

  4. In the Tickets setting, as long as this Redemption Permission Group is selected, only the users bound to this group can redeem the ticket. 

Notes: If the Forced Redemption permission is enabled at the same time, the sequence of permission from the highest to the lowest are Forced Redemption > Redemption Permission Group > Other users. Suppose there are three users A, B, and C, and their redemption permissions are:
A - Forced Redemption access, not in the Redemption Permission Group
B - No Forced Redemption access, is in the Redemption Permission Group
C - No Forced Redemption access and not in the Redemption Permission Group

When the ticket is set as 
Limited Redemption Permission, A and B can redeem the ticket, but C cannot. 

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