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This guide is intended to help you walk through the booking information settings in Rezio Admin which covers adding booking information of 5 category fields (contact, delivery, participant, dietary, flight), customizing your data field input type, filtering, editing and deleting booking information labels.



Settings > Booking Information

Log in to rezio Admin and enter the Booking Information settings.

  • Adding Booking Information

    To add a new booking information label, complete the following steps.

  1. Click + Add.

  2. Enter the name of your intended Booking Information setting in the label field.

  3. Booking Information is divided into 2 parts. The Booking Info Fields for MySite Orders is the information field that the customers need to fill in when booking your product from MySite. Required and Optional fields can be set for the Order Contact person and individual travelers. The Booking Info Fields in Order Details is an additional field that can be filled in the Order Details > Booking Info and usually used when you add an internal order through rezio admin. 

  4. Last Name and Email in the Required fields are default information from the system and cannot be removed, as this is the information needed to send your product’s voucher. Click + to add more fields, or click x to remove the field.

Note: You can set up different booking information requirements for MySite bookings and internal orders by entering the appropriate labels in either the Required or Optional fields.

Remark: All data fields are editable except for Last Name and Email because both are required fields for your customer to check his or her order status on MySite. 


  • Set Custom Fields

You can customize the booking information that you need according to your needs. Here are the steps to set them up.

Note: Custom labels can only be created for Traveler Information fields.

  1. Click + Add Custom Field.

  2. Enter your desired Label name and select a Type.

  3. If the Field Type is a Drop-down List or Multiple Choice, you need to enter the Options (separate the options with line breaks).

  4. To display a longer text, you can select Text display (plain text) or Text display (Markdown) and enter the your desired text. The first type can only display plain text, while you can use a text editor to set bold, italic, insert hyperlinks or tables for the second type.

Note: As shown in the image below, if you select Text display (Markdown), you can bold and add hyperlink. For more information regarding the the text editor, please refer to Using the Text Editor.

  1. Click Save and now your Custom Fields will appear. Click Confirm.

  2. Click Create to finish your Booking Information settings.



  • Input Types in Custom Fields

  • Text input

When a customer is filling their Booking Information, only one line can be entered, no line break is allowed.

  • Multi-line text input

When a customer is filling their Booking Information, line break can be used to separate their text.

To add an option in the drop-down list, give a line break when entering your subsequent options. 


  • Checkbox

Add an option, such as “Heart disease” in the below image, as a checkbox option.


  • Text display (plain-text) 

This option is used to provide information for customers that does not require them to input anything. You can use line breaks but not the text editor.


  • Multiple Choice

Customers can select one from the list of choices. 

  • Text display (Markdown)

As opposed to Text display (plain-text), you can add formatting elements to plain text documents with this option.


  • Editing Booking Information

To edit a booking information label, complete the following steps.

  1. Click on the label you want to edit to begin editing.

  2. When you finish editing, click Save. If you click cancel or do not click Save, there won’t be changes made to the label.

Remark: Any update on the booking information label will apply to all the products which are linked with it. 

  1. To delete a booking information label, click Delete.

Note: If a booking information label is linked with a product, the label cannot be deleted.  

Hint: After a booking information label is created, you can also edit the label in the Booking Info tab in Product List. Click Edit beside the booking information label to begin editing.


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