This guide is intended to explain how to add and manage your vendor list in Rezio Admin , so that you can mark them in your product for easier management.

Settings > Vendor List

Login to Rezio Admin to create and manage your vendors.

  • Add Vendor

  1. Click + Add

  1. Enter Vendor Name

Note: Only the vendor is required, and other information is optional. Filling in the complete information makes it easier for your other staff to inquire about supplier information!

  1. Click Create, and you will be able to use it in your product.

  • Search and Modify Vendors

  1. You can enter keywords in the search box, and results that match your search will appear

  1. Click on the supplier you want to edit to enter the edit page

  1. After editing, click Save (Cancel will not access this edit)

  1. Click Delete, this label will be deleted


Reminder: The supplier that has bound itinerary will not be deleted