This guide is intended to help you walk through the general settings in Rezio Admin to set up the days for holidays or vacations.

Settings > General

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter general settings.

  • General Setting Tabs

There are different general setting tabs placed at the top of the page, you can navigate between tabs by clicking the arrows or using the scroll bar. 

There are two types of vacation settings for your store, click on Day off (Tour) all products on that date will not be able to be booked, and click on Day off (Office) when your office operations and customer service will be closed.

  • Set the holidays for your product

  1. Enter Day off (Tour) tab.

  2. Click Setting to enter edit mode.

  3. Select the day off dates. The selected dates will be circled in red.

  4. Click Confirm to continue or Cancel to cancel your adjustment.

NoteAfter being set as a holiday, all products on that date will not be able to be booked. If the date is set as a holiday, even if the set holiday is included in the sales date range, customers cannot choose the itinerary or product of the holiday date to purchase.

If there is no problem, press to save.


  • Set office holidays

The setting method for day off (office) is the same as day off (tour). The difference is when the day off schedule for office is set up in the system, it will control the operation service time.

Example: When the custom confirmation date is set to 2 working days, for a reservation placed on April 30th 2019, the reservation should be confirmed before May 2nd 2019. However, if there is an office day off set on May 1st 2019, the confirmation date will be postponed to May 3rd 2019. The postponed date will also be effective on the confirmation email sent to your customer when a reservation is placed.