This guide is intended to help you walk through the pricing settings for sales options in Rezio Admin which covers adding, filtering, editing new pricing and setup pricing policy.


Publish > Pricing Setting

Log in to Rezio Admin and enter Pricing Setting to start the pricing setup.

  • Adding pricing policy to sales option

    1. Click + Add to enter add mode.

  1. Click on the drop-down list to find the product. You can type keywords to filter or navigate to search for the product.

  2. Setup the advertising price. (optional)

Note: If you set the Advertising Price, it will be shown on the product card of MySite and will be served as the lowest price for Google crawler. If you leave it blank, Rezio will calculate from all unit prices in the associated pricing policies and set the lowest price as the advertising price. However, the customized price of a single session will not trigger the calculation of the Advertising Price.

  1. Select the sales option you would like to add pricing.

  2. Select the pricing policy. If there is no suitable pricing policy, click +Add to add.

Note: For more details on adding pricing policy, please go to Admin Settings | Pricing Policy.

  1. Select the Binding type for the pricing policy: Weekly, Specific Date or Date Range.

  2. Click Create and the pricing policy will appear below.


  • Advanced Settings

In addition to pricing policy, there are also some additional settings for each sales option:

  1. You can set the Limit per Booking, meaning the maximum quantity one customer can buy in one order.

  2. Or you can set the Limit for Identity per Order, meaning the minimum and maximum quantity that one customer can buy under a single item.

  3. You can also set the Booking Constraints, for example, 1 infant must be accompanied by 1 adult.  In this case, customer cannot place an order for 1 infant only.

  4. Finally, click Create to save the data.