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This guide is intended to help you through the pricing settings in rezio Admin, covering adding, filtering, and editing prices, as well as setting up a pricing policy.


Publish > Pricing Settings

Log in to rezio Admin and enter Pricing Settings to start setting up pricing.

  • Adding a Pricing Policy to a Sales Option

    1. Get in the product you need.

    2. Click on Add pricing tag, and select the sales option you need to link with.

Note: If you set an Advertising Price, it will show on the product card of MySite and will serve as the lowest price point for Google crawler. If you leave it blank, rezio will set the lowest price as the advertising price automatically based on all unit prices in the associated pricing policies.

  1. Select the pricing policy. If there is no suitable pricing policy, click +Add to add.

Note: For more details on adding a pricing policy, please go to Admin Settings | Pricing Policy.

  1. Select the Time Type for the pricing policy (WeeklySpecific Date, or Date Range).

  2. Click Create and the pricing policy will appear below.



  • Advanced Settings

In addition to pricing policy, you can set certain settings for each sales option:


  1. Limit per Booking: the maximum quantity one customer can buy in one order

  2. Limit for Identity per Order: the minimum and maximum quantity that one customer can buy under a single item

  3. Booking Constraints: For example, each child must be accompanied by an adult.  In this case, customers cannot place an order for one child only

To save these settings, click Create to save the data.


  • Set Up a Pricing Policy

The following is an example of pricing policy settings for a product with Weekday Departure and Weekend Departure pricing policies.

  1. You can begin by clicking the Weekday Departure pricing policy’s radio button to select it. Then continue to Select Time Type for the Pricing Policy.

  2. Select Time Type as the policy to be linked.

  3. Click All day and then click Add to link the pricing policy.

  4. Click Sat and Sun to enable weekends and click Mon to Fri to disable weekdays.

  5. Click Add and the pricing policy bound to a sales option will display in the Linked Pricing Policy section.

  6. When the pricing policies are all set, click Next.

Remark: If there are multiple sales options, clicking Next will take you to the next sales option settings. Please finish pricing policy settings for all sales options before moving to the next section.




  • Filtering

You can filter for pricing policies by entering a keyword in the search bar. To clear the selected filters, click Clear filters.

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