This guide is intended to help you walk through the pricing policy settings in Rezio Admin which includes adding, filtering, editing and deleting pricing policy.

Settings > Pricing Policy

Login to Rezio Admin and enter Pricing Policy to set up pricing policies.

  • Add pricing rules

  1. Click +Add to add rules

  2. Enter policy name in Label and select Currency.

    Select Rule to be sold by Item or by Person.

  • Choose per-person pricing
    5. Drop down to select identity type (identity types in the same rule can‘t be repeated)
    6. Choose age limit, space and price according to identity
    7. Click add

    8. After adding, it will appear below
    9. After entering several identities, you can click ↑ ↓ to change the order
    10. Click on the bin icon to delete the label
    11. After setting, click create
    Reminder: Remember that the identity type in the same rule cannot be reused. If the same identity type is used to create a rule, the system will not be able to establish it successfully.

  • Choose item pricing
    1. Enter item label
    2. Enter price
    3. Click to add
    4. After adding, it will appear below
    5. After entering several item labels, you can click ↑ ↓ to change the order
    6. Click on the trash can symbol to delete the label
    7. After setting, click Create
    Note: After the creation is complete, you can directly click on the price rules you added in the set price of the new itinerary to use it, or edit it directly in the itinerary!

Search and modify price rules
You can enter tag keywords in the search box or drop-down to select currency and item, and then the matching price rules will be filtered out

1. Click on the label to enter the editing screen
Reminder: Any modification will affect all itineraries bound to this price rule
2. If this rule is bound to itinerary, you can click View bound itinerary to view details
Reminder: The price rules of the bound itinerary cannot be deleted
3. Click save